Allan has decided its time to put the Christmas Decorations up!! WHEN THE KIDS ARE AROUND!!!!

Okay…so I’m in the mood to play with Christmas decorations today since I have too much on my mind and too much to do. Pretty much solidifies that I’m NOT going to do anything I HAVE to do today and only do what I WANT to do. What sense does that make you ask? Not much in the world of normal folks who aren’t as eerily dysfunctional as I am, as OCD-ish as I am, as plagued with procrastination as I am.
That said…I don’t expect perfect folks to understand so I’m not going to try to explain the logic behind doing what I want to do instead of doing what I have to do today.
Hi my name is Ann and I have Tree/Decoration OCD.
This is where I hear everyone say in unison, Hi Ann 😆
They say admitting ones faults if the first sign of acceptance so I will be the first one to say that……..
YES I have Christmas Tree/Decoration OCD & YES I am the only one that is allowed to decorate our Christmas tree,
There I said it, it’s officially in Cyber Space.
And what makes it even more funny is I’m not even very good at it… You know those pictures where you see the perfect tree… well that’s not mine!!

I know this makes me a terrible mother as my kids will never grow up saying that they loved the holiday tradition where we all gathered together to decorate the tree while listening to Christmas music and sipping hot cocoa. Yeah, THAT pretty much will never happen and frankly I came to grips with this fact years ago.
But I’m sorry, to me the tree has to be colour coordinated , I like a theme Last year it was brown and cream this year its red and gold, it’s just something I can’t get over. After I get the tree all decorated I will sit and stare at it & more often than not you will find me moving things here and there.  
I once let the kids help me a decorate the tree and when they went to bed and finally were asleep I rearranged the whole flipping thing
(see told you it was ocd).
If it helps any, I do have little Christmas trees in  my kids bedrooms that they get to decorate themselves how ever they like. I am hoping one day I will let the kids help again maybe when they’ve grown. But until then this is how it’s going to be.
Please tell me I’m not alone here? 🙂
Usually I pick a time when I am alone in the house and get the tree up to the awe of the children when they see it.. but this year.. Allan insisted that we put the decorations up during the day… Bad mistake.. bearing in mind I feel like crap, he brings the boxes down and everything is dumped everywhere.. I decide we need an order to things so we do window first. , then everything else.. then the tree…   
So by the time I had got round to the tree’s  (did I mention we have Arther as well?)  half a tree that goes on the wall 😆  I find that half the lights I want to use are not working..   we seem to have lots of sets of lights but they either don’t blink or don’t work… oh and I have this thing about  various mixed coloured lights..  and tinsel  can’t stand them… we have one bit of tinsel that i allow in the house and that is gold with some green ivy on it lol
Anyway I finally get the lights sorted after much hair pulling and swearing get the tree sorted .. and throw the balls on it only to remember I should have put the beads on the tree first.. now every other year I would have taken everything off and started again but this year.. Nope It can stay like that!!  well that’s what I am saying now!!
You know the saying less is more!! well this year the house looks like Santa’s grotto…
See I am getting the magic of christmas back !!! 😀

It’s 3.03 now on Sunday Morning and I have finally finished… Tomorrow when Allan had put all the boxes away I will take some pictures and post them 😛 But for now its try to sleep time.



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