The Good The Bad and The Family!!

The Good New’s is as you will know if you have been following my blog, I am more than prepared for christmas, well the only thing that hadn’t been done was the wrapping of presents.. well I can now announce..

With the help of my wrapping fairy and friend Jo all the presents are wrapped up and hidden away in the appropriate sack,s stockings and bags so yes christmas could arrive in the morning and I would be ready!!

The Bad news Is last Sunday I went to feed the snakes their usual once a week feed and noticed that we had an escapee 😦

My beautiful Mindy has gone missing, we have set up a hide for her with some water and a heat lamp and hopefully she will come back, she must be getting hungry soon so we will put a furry out on sunday night when we feed the others. I’m really hoping we can catch her as I’m afraid in this cold weather she will freeze to death. how she got out I have no idea!!

having the warped sense of humour I have though I can’t but help giggle at the thought of her turning up next door… I bet I would soon hear the screams 😆

And then the Family news!!

The boys break up from school on Friday, I can’t wait. its been a long long term and they are ready for a break, not to mention the fact that I don’t have to do the school run for a few weeks. I’m really struggling every time I go outside in the cold. My chest is still bad and I honestly can’t remember the last time I actually slept in my bed now.

Allan has been blinding really, he has taken everything in his stride, done as much of the running around as he can for me. He may be saying Baa Humbug but I know he is actually looking forward to christmas. what with his plans for the karaoke for the kids, and games etc..

My dad has booked his taxi for christmas day so one of us will pick him up about 11.30am and then he will get the taxi home about 4.30pm so we can all eat drink and be merry.

My friend Jo and her son Adam are also joining us for christmas and boxing day so once the old man goes the fun can start and we can play the noisy games and the kids can have fun.. I’m getting that christmas I wanted this year with a full table and house..


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