1st snow of the year.. 2011

 Last year we had snow before christmas, lots of it  but after christmas and in the new year, nothing, in fact we ended up with the mildest winter going.  but this Morning It snowed!!


I hate the cold.

I LOATHE the cold.

I dislike bundling up, having to keep track of scarves/hats/gloves/boots, and water-logged front hall that get your socks wet and of course kids coming in with soaking shoes, . I severely dislike the sting of a biting wind on my cheeks; the kind of wind you can feel in your bones. I spent some of my life living through Ohio and Washington DC winters and they SUCKED with their freezing weather when Lake Erie actually freezes solid, One winter it went down to minus 22 degrees (wind chill: minus 75. MINUS SEVENTY-FIVE) and everything was cancelled, life was just on hold, I was even told not to try to get into work.


But despite my strong feelings about the cold and the fact that at the moment the way my chest is I can hardly breath outside,


I can’t seem to help myself…..




I love it so much that when it snowed this morning I got so excited, sadly it neither lasted long or amounted to anything as it melted as soon as it hit the ground. 😥


What is wrong with me?!




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