I *Need* A hostess Trolley!!! And we would have had one if it wasnt for a certain person!!


Going back in time to the summer!!

Me: Kim has asked me if I want her hostess trolley,

Allan: Where the fuck would we put it?

Me: could put it in the kitchen across the back door when it’s not in use or in the living room and cover it with a table-cloth

Allan: don’t be daft you wouldn’t fit one there……. the house is full to the brim with furniture

seriously we just don’t have the room for one.. it was hard enough fitting the big cooker in the kitchen and you have no room in your shed to keep it.

Me: shame it would have come in handy for dinner parties or christmas, oh well I will tell her thanks but no thanks 😦

December 22nd 2011

After discussing what would go where so we could get the table set open and use the coffee table to serve all the veg and meat off..

Me: you know what a hostess trolley would be idea to put everything on so people could help themselves.. or one of those buffet servers……

Allan: Yes babe it would come in handy even on Sundays…..

Me: you said we had no room for a hostess trolley

Allan: I guess we can fit it somewhere even if it goes up in the attic when we are not using it.

Me: resisting the urge to twat his so hard………. But you said!!!!

Allan: if we got one of those buffet servers it would be better and could be used every week, maybe we will get one when we can afford it… let’s get christmas over with first… How much are they?

Me: well Argos do one for about £45 but they are out of stock but pound stretchers do one for £29 and Aldi had them in on the 4th december for £29 but they are all sold out now… Gutted..

Allan: oh well we will just have to get one when we can

Me: erm it was actually christmas I wanted one for …. Shame we didn’t get that hostess trolley when it was offered……..

Allan: we should have got it then if you think you could have made use out of it

Me: Ho hummmmm repeat to oneself I will not kill him now it’s not fair on the kids to be locked up for murder over christmas……….

Mental note: Next time do not discuss anything like this with Allan when offered. just get it and if it really doesn’t fit pass it on to someone who can make use of it. lol

Actually this would be ideal!! maybe the Trolley would take up too much room!


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