What can I say, I have had a lovely Christmas!! The best in Years.

Christmas has been nigh on perfect!

Allan helped out with everything right down to cleaning the bathroom

we had a lovely christmas day, My dad of course was with us but left after dinner as he had ordered a taxi so he could have a drink.

Jo and Adam also came for the day so it was as I love a family and friends Christmas Dinner.

I confess to going overboard on the food.. A huge joint of Roast Beef, a Huge  joint of roast pork and a Turkey maybe have been a little too much 🙄

But we had it again with salad and lots of nibbles etc on Boxing day and the half Joint of Beef I shall dice and make a stew out of in the slow cooker and the Pork I shall dice up and make a sweet and sour pork out of tomorrow and then Freeze  them both down.. 
The Dog had an extra Christmas Present and had the last of the Turkey Meat for his dinner on Boxing day.
Of course the kids loved their presents , I had a lovely present from my secret santa.
A chocolate melting pot, a set of mouse moulds for making chocolate or sweet mice, and some strawberry pink chocolate buttons to make the mice with

It really was a lovely Surprise 🙂

I have to admit I’m no one for giving cards but Allan even came up trumps with those and made it very special

I couldn’t choose which picture to go with this post so I decided just this once to post loads and loads 😆

The only thing that would have made the day even more perfect would have been to have spent it with all my children and grandchildren together 😦

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