Christmas is over – Let normality return to the household once again!!

Well as Normal as this house ever gets!!

Don’t get me wrong I have loved Christmas this year, Every Second of it but now I just want things to get back to normal.

I have already made a start on taking the decorations down by moving some of the furniture so really all that is left is the ceiling decorations and the tree and window lights.

and If I have my way they will be down by the end of the day 🙄

I just want to declutter now, what looked festive a few weeks ago now looks cluttered!!

The plan was that Both Allan and I would go back on our low-fat diet for the new year but looking at the masses of food and goodies in the house there is no point in even attempting to!

So we have revised our plan…Like when we gave up smoking  And succeeded at , we will start when the time is right instead of making it a new years resolution that will probably be broken.

So the plan is eat drink and be merry, finish off all the goodies and then start the diets , the exercise and the general health eating!!

Well Officially the decorations were all down… and put upstairs ready to go up in the attic by 2pm today…

Not a decoration or hint of Christmas can be seen !!
Not even a twinkle of glitter from a card!!
Anyone for a cream egg?!??

Wish us luck!!


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