The Toxic one is banished forever!! No More Mother in Law from Hell!!


I have just realised like you do at 3am in the morning, one of the reason’s why our christmas has been so great…..

We havent had to endure the toxic one…

Since my posting on facebook

(going back to here)

I haven’t had to put up with the crap from the mother in law..  Of course word got back to her what I thought…

and yes it apparently took me right off her christmas card and present list… whooo hooooo!!

Of course now the downside is I will never see another pound shop present and naff smelly set again and I will have to actually buy something to give to the school raffle..

Of course after the boxing day visit we had to make a couple of years ago to the manor  oh bungalow but to her it’s a manor house.. with my dad where they were to be honest downright rude and obnoxious, and picked on my baby Ali for doing something when Joshua a year younger than him is still running around being a pain, not even able to eat at the table because A. He wont sit still and B wont eat real food but can do no wrong.. when All Ali was doing was trying to work a puzzle out HELLO THE KID IS HALF BLIND  do not pick on him for missing a few tiny bits when picking up the puzzle…

Anyway as I was saying after that visit I told Allan I would NEVER go back there again… Besides in the 7 years we have lived in this house (nearly 8) they have only ever been here twice…… once for Alex’s Christening and then they were rude and ignored everyone… and once for boxing day when again they left after a few house and were rude.
So as I have said in the past its their turn to come here… Joshua is now at school so they can hardly use the excuse he is a baby and needs all the equipment.. (although funny how I had to take everything over there when I had both boys as babies and had the girls )  

They can’t use the fact that we smoke… we havent for two years now..

oh we have a dog… they could have used that one..

nah lets face it since Joshua was born she has no interest in her other grandchildren and you know what…
I couldn’t be more pleased 🙂

Seriously though I am not saying (because no doubt she would take us to court for access to grandchildren or something ) that she will never see the boys again.

What I am saying is that she will have to come here to see them at a convenient time booked in advance with me.

When Allan is off work and I can go out round Jo’s lol

I am so loving this freedom from the old bitch and her daughter…



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