Life is Good!!

But the main problem is there is Not Enough Hours in a Day

Life is overflowing with things to do & challenges to distract me. I am finally learning that I can’t DO it ALL….do what I CAN; not worry about the rest!! There will NEVER be enough hours in a day otherwise.

 One year ago, I was in a whole different place, not a good place. A very sad, kicked in the gut place…
A confusing place where memories had taken over reality and real life… 

 All I can say is, “WHAT a difference a year makes! !” I don’t often admit this but I have An awesome man who loves me and will do anything for me, Within reason come one the guy was brought up in a house with three women so is still a little subdued and tame when it comes to erm certain things but I’m still working on total corruption:evil:
I’m helped by some fantastically supportive friends and family, two fun-loving kids and I have had a dream-come-true of a year! I have finally found the magic of christmas and love again…I had lost my way for a long time.

Sure there have been a few tough spots to work through (mostly within myself), but overall, those don’t even scratch the surface of how fucking happy I am! Can’t even explain how loved I feel…without a doubt!

Life has taken a turn for the better..Despite the lack of shall we say intimacy but then since I have been ill it’s not just one-sided that things have taken a back burner…. maybe I will explain in another post!!

May it continue in 2012


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