Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired…


I must sound like a broken record. I know people must get sick of hearing about it, because I get sick of saying it,

Today, I am very sick, I feel like death. Yes I have been out for the last two days. Yesterday to go shopping and today I took the boys out to Hornby visitor Centre.. (more about that in another post)

It’s now been almost four months that I’ve been suffering with my Asthma flare up combined chest infection, There’s goodish days and bad days, there’s better but not perfect days and REALLY bad days. It does get to you after a while. You don’t have the energy you used to have, just going to a few stores and walking around gets you completely and utterly exhausted and can’t breath, My inhaler has become an oxygen tank, I can’t leave the room without it never mind the house.. There’s days when I really get depressed….but I try to think about the positives. , I am a stay at home mum I know A lot of people who are sick do not get that luxury. Many of them have to force themselves to go to work no matter how absolutely horrible they feel. I’m just trying to rest my body as much as I can, I stay away from going out in the cold air as that has given me trouble in the past, and I’m basically just waiting it out. until the warmer weather gets here or I can shake it once and for all. Problem is I will soon have to do the school run again… oh Joy!!


Some of the hardest days as a mum are when you are sick. You want to be a kid again and snuggle up on the couch all day. I am always taken back to when I was a kid, and had my mum waiting on me hand and foot all day long when I was sick. She would make tomato soup and anything else soft that could be swallowed easily if I had a sore throat, We would listen to the radio and sleep as much as I wanted. I miss being a child when I’m sick.

So what happens when Mummy gets sick? Well, we still have responsibilities, don’t we? Our husbands/Partners still go to work, we have to watch our kids and get their meals, take them to school, wash clean and later make sure they have been in the bath and then put them to bed. And we just have to push through being sick. But it’s not easy, I’m not going to lie. You can’t sleep in, or sleep all day, or just lay around the entire day. And you still are waiting on your kids hand and food while you’re sick.

No sick days for mummy. We can be sick, but we can’t call in sick.


It’s sickie season. I’m ready to be feeling better so my job as mummy is easier.


What do you do when you are really sick and your kids aren’t? Carry on that is what!!

Ok yes Allan has helped out as much as he can but I can’t expect him to do everything!

I wish it was as easy as saying

I have decided that tomorrow I WILL be better.



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