The Thieving lowlife we have in this village strike again!!

There really are some sad fuckwits round here, fancy nicking the boys stone snake ornaments out of the front garden (that they paid for out of their money) and a paving slab??!! WTF you sad cunt… you could have bought the lot brand new for less than a tenner at Whelans. instead I have two upset boys until I get a chance to replace them, and to any neighbours reading this if the sad fucker tried to sell you them remind the low life sad fucker they are less than £3 each brand new… The annoying thing is they nick something worth so little, of course we have an idea of who did it but as usual can’t prove it..

The missing items are the two small snakes at the back and the small paving slab nearest to them

I mean how sad can you get… Well I have moved the other bigger S  shape snake and the Iggy statue into the back garden now…  just gets to me how sad they are…

and yes we have an idea who it is.. someone mentioned to us a while ago that a certain local thieving cunt liked a couple of the ornaments.


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