I spoke too soon :-( oh and be warned dont look if squemish!!

It’s 3.36am……………. Bollocks!!!!!!!!!!

Why am I up you ask……..Well actually you didn’t ask but as its my blog I will tell you anyway

I have been up coughing, and now finally admitted defeat and came downstairs…

At least I’m still making it up stairs… one up on last time..

Seriously though I really don’t want this to go to my chest again, apart from the fact that I’m down to my last inhaler it’s nearly empty and I’m not due for a repeat prescription until the end of the month 😦

I found some antibiotics so have been dosing myself up to get me through to monday when I can see if I can be fitted in at the quacks… got to go anyway as I can hardly walk, My eczema  is back with a vengeance especially on my feet well one foot in particular… only this time its spread to the sole as well making walking impossible practically so im hobbling around with bandages wrapped round my feet like an old lady… Plus my hands are sore…   its got to the point where my hands and feet are dry cracked and bleeding and im in constant pain… yes my fault I should have gone to the doctors but after the visits before christmas I am fed up going there….

I know what’s to blame but I’m not getting rid of him despite my asthma being the worst its been in 7 years and my eczema flaring up again I had it all summer and eventually went to the doctors and got loads of steroid creams then it calmed down a lot although didn’t go but I had it years ago say about  ten years…  Yep I’m majorly allergic to dogs.. 😦

oh well, fingers crossed we can get this sorted soon………….. 

I know its unhealthy to google but personally I think the doctors are wrong it’s not eczema I have but psoriasis, it makes more sense, looks more like mine does..  which would explain why the creams and steroids i was given before never worked.

This picture was taken when it was at its worst at the top of my foot… now its like that on top but also the soles of my feet are covered in a hard scaly skin which is splitting, cracked and bleeding..



even my hands are getting worse..

The worst thing is I want to start exercising a bit more and I can’t even walk across the room at the moment or stand for more than a couple of mins without being in pain..  2012 is the year to get myself sorted.

asthma under control again,

eczema or whatever it is sorted.

weight sorted.

all not good when you are diabetic… another thing I think needs reviewing by the doctors..  I’m wondering if I’m changing from type 2 to type 1 slowly now .. maybe that would explain why I’m taking forever to heal and am so run down!!

watch this space I think its serious hassle to doctors, wish I could just have one long appointment and discuss everything instead of this stupid one item per visit kinda thing!!!


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