Im Struggling here!!

No Seriously I feel about 90 years old,
I cant even joke about this now, I’m losing the will to live..
Just as I thought I was getting better my chest has got bad again,
I can hardly walk, I’m in so much pain from my feet as well as my hips, I feel like I’m an old lady!
the only time I can shuffle around is if im wearing a pair of old plimpsols I had, but I cant go to bed in them…….. and when its time to get up the pain upon standing is unreal, Im back to popping pills again left right and centre 😦

This is not me……….. I dont like being the miserable one…  I may be a bad tempered bitch but I dont like wallowing in self pity… but ffs………….. Come One!! Enough Already!!

Allan was going to ask Andy for the wheelchair back that we lent to him when his mum had her accident over a year ago, but I so don’t want to use it as I know once I do I’m actually wondering if I would get out of it again!.
2012 is supposed to be the year of getting myself sorted but things seem to be getting worse by the day!

As you can tell again its 3.14 am and Im wide awake… Insomnia has crept back in….
Oh and Allan has man flu……….
Just want I need!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had one bit of good luck this week but not going to jinx it yet!!


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