I was the doctors worst nightmare today!

I had my appointment with the asthma nurse who has upped my medication big time so now on preventer’s and everything..   she then refereed me to the doctors because of my feet so I could be seen straight away she said they will squeeze me in between appointments for a quick look .

So there I am sitting back in the waiting room full of sick people and Im back there about five mins and my name pops up on the board… I go in and its a new doctor, I had agreed to see anyone in the practice,

She was really nice and took the time to listen to me. she looked at my feet and prescribed loads of things, plus listened to my chest… my asthma isnt the only cause of my breathing problems I have a bad chest infection as well,
she weighed me and although I had lost weight since I was last weighed in August it wasnt a lot and I was shocked…  lets just say its given me a real kick up the bum

I enquired about Xenical which I had heard about from a friend and she agreed I could have it but when she explained the side effects I decided to give it a pass, she said it can and will cause chronic diarrhoea, anal seepage and could also cause respiratory problems among other side effects especially in the first three months while you get used to eating a totally fat free diet. and she thinks hat once I am more mobile and can get some exercise in that I should lose the weight slowly again on my own without any pills,

So after being in there half an hour with her.. (have to admit I felt sorry for the people waiting for their appointments but hey now I know why some doctors are running really late… they actually are doing their job so I will have more patience next time my appointment is running half an hour late.

however I have to admit for once I’m glad I’m diabetic and get free prescriptions because she gave me three lots of creams for my feet. plus a 7 day course of antibiotics again for my chest. two more types of steroid inhalers as well as a repeat for my ventalin, along with my usual diabetic drugs and three lots of pain killers.. I didn’t go to my usual pharmacy I went to the one at the medical centre,

the woman at the chemist said I would have needed a bank loan to pay for it all [:/] Anyway priority at the moment is get my feet and chest sorted and then she said we could tackle the weight. however I have come out with good news that at last things may be sorted chest wise… feet wise and that I have lost weight since I was last weighed there in August. and I thought I had gained so not all bad.


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