Wow! It’s the end of another week. I made it!


This week went by fast. Very fast.

 In fact this year is flying past.. maybe not so good health wise yet but it will get better I have to believe that!

Having a blog is sort of like therapy. Not that I would know anything about therapy at all, although I probably wouldn’t mind paying someone to listen to my complaints once in a while. If I could afford it.

Mind you, I try as much as possible to not bother those around me with all my issues all the time. Although I do make use of the opportunity every now and then.

For instance…I have in the past mentioned the trials and tribulations of having teenage step daughters!

Blogging helps when you just want to get something off your chest. And it’s a lot cheaper than therapy.

Anyway, my issue right now is

If you go back to October (this may help)


Tammy sent Allan a text saying “ur A Cunt”

needless to say it didn’t go down very well!

well apparently  she has been spending time with Allan’s mum at the weekends.

personally i think its more for materialistic reasons but fine with me, although i love how his mum never mentioned to Allan about this.

anyway… at christmas we gave Amberleigh some perfume… Amber sent Allan a text saying Tammy had told amber that it was from grandma… this actually made me fuming once again..

seeing as how grandma had left nothing here for the girls.. fuck grandma only sent the boys £10 each in a card and some biscuits and chocolates.

Allan text’d Amber back saying it was bollocks, it was from us and Tammy was stirring things…
He then got a text from Tammy saying don’t talk about me to Amberleigh

which he ignored…  Kudos’ my temper I would have text’d her back telling her what I thought..

anyway a week or so later he gets a text saying Hi

Allan’s thinking…   is now… bollocks to her, unless she comes over and apologizes in person he can’t be bothered with her.  she certainly wont get anything backdated when it comes to christmas and her birthday.

he still ignores her…

this week another text saying Hi dad is Tammy how are you all.

Again still waiting for a personal apology is ignores her (has his man grown some balls at long last I wonder? )

now the finale  some time in the middle of the night, Both Allan and I have received a Friend request from her..   This will be interesting to see what happen’s

at the end of the day its his daughter………..

but I know one thing…. I am soooo glad I only have boys to worry about now…  Teenage boys are so much easier than Teenage Girls…  I’m sure my older boys were never like this, Actually I never remember the girls being  this bad,
No doubt in another 5 years I will find out all over again!

So maybe I shouldn’t complain too much…however this is my blog, my therapy. So I guess it’s alright to nitpick and whine here.

Come to think of it – if I go for any sort of therapy it should be for internet addiction! 🙄


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