I’m Getting there……….

Woah it’s been more than a week

since I posted my last blog.. Kind of busy

you could say, Busy doing what, I’m not really sure.

I’ll start posting more blogs soon, I think half the problem is I’m sleeping..

What difference does that make I hear you ask…

well I do most of my blogging in the wee hours of the night when the rest of the world is asleep.

let me update you on whats going on to be honest, I really havent been doing anything lately

Since I went to the doctors on the 20th they gave me so much stuff which included a 7 day course of mega antibiotics as I said in one of my previous blogs.. well I don’t know if it’s that or the other steroid inhalers but my chest is clear… I mean clear… I haven’t had to use my blue inhaler (Ventolin. ) in 4 days.. I haven’t woken up in the night… I can breathe.. I can go outside even when its cold like today and walk without dying. Long may it last!!

My feet are getting better slowly again having to grease them up four times a day with various potions but its working albeit a lot slower than my chest. but it is working.

life is starting to have a newer meaning I’m starting to get it back well my healthwise anyway.

Tomorrow we have yet another assessment with Ali up the hospital. he has been statemented but we still have assessments as they are still trying to decide just how severe if that is the word his autism is.. Maybe its me but sometimes I swear there is nothing wrong with him its the rest of the world that is screwed up in some way.

this is sooo true:


Anyway we wont have any idea what is decided tomorrow no doubt we will have to wait and see as per usual..

Anyway  I will try to get back to being me and my usual blogs

and more often..


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