The old woman who lived in a shoe, How I can sympathise!!

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe

She had so many children she didn’t know what to do.

She gave them broth without any bread,

Then whipped them all soundly

And put them to bed.

Oh how I sympathise with this woman!

Looking after kids is kind of ‘kicking my ass’ (thanks for that eloquent expression Mr Brad Pitt). My children are aged between 26 and 5. Looking after 7 kids was a no brainier. The older 5 no longer live with me, but have taken their toll on my life.. The youngest two having had them in my 40’s… Being an older mum… WOW

Now it’s a whole new ball game. The days are fine. they are now at school. and I still never get anything done. I either have my dad round or I take the rare opportunity to go shopping child free. or *shock horror* have a social life as such and talk to friends, Ok I do the basic necessities in the house but by no means am I house proud.
It’s the weekends that are the worst though, Nothing at all gets done in the house, well nothing but washing of school clothes and cooking to feed everyone. These two boys are constantly hungry. Occasionally, they forget their evil plans and I find myself able to jump on the treadmill for an hour and actually have a tidy up and get some bits done around the house.  holidays are the worst… the house really suffers… Trying to keep them amused, take them out, or let them get on with just trashing the house, I either join in with them or try to let them take over the house, I mean what else can I do? Basically its days filled with doing laundry, cooking, and visiting playgrounds or indoor soft play area’s when its too cold to play out.

It’s the evenings that are slowly driving me insane.Every day at 4pm when they get home from school, someone replaces my nice, normal children with screaming, bitching, fighting, terrifying little monsters. The rooms that I spent hours cleaning are decimated in minutes. My floors are suddenly covered in so much crap I have to wade through them. (yes ok the dog is to blame for a lot of that, he loves raiding the recycle bag to find some cardboard boxes to chew..)

Throw in homework, , making dinner, Taking Alex to Karate and by 9pm I am a zombie. I swear that Allan thinks I’m being overly dramatic when he walks in the door each night to a trashed house and I feed him and the kids, get them to bed and then retreat in the corner of the front room by the pc to spend just five bloody minutes on Facebook. After all, I get to stay at home all day just trying to survive being an older mum.

I think the old woman in the shoe just wanted some damn peace and quiet so she could update her status. 🙄


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