First Snow 2012 YAY!!!

As you may have guessed it snowed the other night…  About time 🙂
I love snow!!

Of course everyone else here screams they hate snow.. The schools end up shutting just over a few inches of snow.. the roads are impassable to the average driver.. who has no experience of how to actually drive in snow..

Of course it doesn’t bother me, I am used to driving in the snow..

Oh and I own  an old  96 Landrover… Not the silly little yuppy one but the real discovery type, so if it got really bad I can still get out and about but to be honest, My Automatic 1996 Astra CDX still gets me out and about in any snow we have had in this country so I use that most of the time.
When I was a kid in both Germany and the states if the schools had been shut because of snow I would never have gone for half the winter…

I only remember one day that the school was shut… we had three feet of snow in the night.. but it was plowed / ploughed 🙄 and cleared ready for the next day.

Im sorry folks I love snow… So please stop moaning we get it for just the odd few days a year……..

I just wish it would snow in the summer….

I hate being fucking cold!!

Pics are
The snow starting to fall in the night.
Boys and the snow man
Picture of the Landrover on the road outside the house.
Pic of field behind us

picture of winter jasmine in the garden


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