My Baby Girl has been returned :-)

Remember on Jan 11th I posted during my photo blog that my baby girl snake Mindy was missing 😦 and on March 11 that Mork had also gone missing

Well the wanderer has returned… or been returned… Mindy turned up three doors up at Donna’s  in her son’s Laundry pile…

Looking very skinny I have to say and it took a lot of persuasion to get her to eat a tiny pinky we had to brain it but it went in the end
 I will post a picture in a week or so as i don’t want to upset her yet.. needless to say she is now in a stronger viv so there will be no more escaping..

Im just so glad I have my beautiful girl with the heart back now fingers crossed Mork will turn up too

(pic is old pic of her )

my beautiful Mindy with her heart shaped markings on her head

Back at home safe and sound I managed to get a nice picture of her

Hang on a Min whose Idea was it? 2nd attempt damn you wordpress why publish the draft!!

To those who are wondering why this has come through twice for some reason WordPress publish the original draft and not the complete posting.. Also I noticed that for some reason the picture didn’t go out to the email alerts so if there is no picture then you will probably have to go online to see!

Anyway  As you were!!

TBO and I have joined a cake club The Clandestine Cake Club where they have local meetings and of course you bake a cake and take it along.. they give you a theme and you follow that… anyway the first meeting was Yesterday.. Saturday… and the theme was flowers.


Both of us were supposed to go along but as Jo couldn’t babysit I stayed at home with the boys.. so we decided that this time he would do the cake and next time I would. ~ Any way TBO’s Idea was to bake a chocolate cake with praline in the middle and then do fondant icing on the top with some roses


So after a trial run his cake was dry and the praline (which costs about £4.00 to make by the time I had bought nuts etc. for it) was gritty and tasted like candy floss with sand added. So he says he needs to find a better recipe… I suggest.. finding a chocolate cake recipe made with oil instead of butter as it’s a lot more moist…and that he used one I had as it really is good and devilish, 😈

I suggest instead of the fondant because its going to be such a moist cake to do butter cream icing.. anyway he (with my help makes up the cake by the recipe and then we divide it between two pans and cook it.. in the meantime he asks me to make the butter cream filling which I do.. the cake comes out and again I make the chocolate butter cream icing.. I suggest instead of using the rose decoration he has that it just has roses piped on the cake using the wilton no2 nozzle so Yep I do the piping on the cake.. he gets some flowers from the garden and I find some little yellow flowers I had in my cake decorating stuff.




End result looks quite good if I do say so myself… off he goes and when he comes back with pictures of all the other cakes on the table I think to myself I didn’t do a bad job there.. my suggestion on what cake to make.. my recipe with the oil… my butter cream and my piping…




Allan brings back samples from the other cakes and with the exception of the honey cake which I have to admit is delicious.. (honey? Flowers? I guess bee’s flowers honey there is some connection somewhere. Says the cake went down fantastic.. the paper came and took some pictures blah blah blah..

He tells me that he gave me full credit for all the input and the frosting etc..

Anyway he took some pics of his own of the cakes guess which is the one “HE” did


I go on the website and see this ~ Does this look like he has given me credit for my work!!


“Cakebake posted an update in the group Sittingbourne Kent




“After setting up the Sittingbourne CCC I have to say I was slightly worried, would anyone else be as interested in cake and baking as I am? Would people want to meet total strangers and talk about their cake? Maybe a few, I thought- so with that in mind I organised the first one to be held in my home. Well I am now sitting down, after coming off the sugar high I got from eating lots of slices of cake, and I still have a tin full of ‘rations’ that we shared out at the end of the afternoon!

 We had flowers in cake with a delicious lavender cake by Claire, buttercream roses piped onto a very moist chocolate cake by Allan,(the best of the day) and beautifully iced cake by Desiree. We have set up our own recipe forum to share our creations, though with our next meeting a month away I plan to start practising my cake and decoration as soon as I can, the stakes were set high!

 I was over whelmed by the response for our first event and am anticipating a lot of interest after we appear in KM newspaper later this week. Looking forward to seeing everyone again, and making good friends!”


Can you tell from that posting why I was so peeved…. does that look like I have been given credit for my part in the baking… Oh well Just remember Karma…

Next months meeting is my turn to bake… (Allan tells me that the theme may be vegetables ) Although I thought carrot and ginger cake everyone will probably be doing a carrot cake… So I need to put a little more thought into the idea.

Anyway I will no doubt take the opportunity to let slip that while he did weigh out some of the ingredients and turn the mixer on I was the one who did everything else and did the pipe work on the cake… I will give him credit for the flowers from the garden on the top!!

Today is Mothers Day

You would think having had so many kids that I would always be inundated with Mothers day cards But the opposite has always been true

My Ex never ever bothered getting mothers day cards for me from the kids when they were little and the schools at the time never got the kids to do one because it wasn’t pc, Ok this worked both ways as they never did fathers day cards either at school  But I always got the Arse one from the kids……….

Anyway  thankfully things are not the same now At least the schools bother lol When the boys were at play group I used to get a lovely little plant and a picture they had made and when they started school they all made a card but of course everyone in the class made the same card and wrote the same thing.. 

And of course Allan always remembered on the Sunday morning and ran over the shop and got a card…  Well this year he had to go over the shop last week and pick up a card for his mother so that’s when he got mine..  (not flowers or anything else but in all fairness we are skint and I look after the money and bank cards 😆 So I cant exactly say anything about that..

But the boys came home from school on Friday hiding their stuff (Always a dead give away ) and Ali gave me a cake that he had made at school.

I have been presented with two beautiful cards

Both have said they got to choose exactly what they wanted to do and of course in Alex’s case write as well.

And here they are…  These mean so much more to me than any card Allan could ever buy from them.

Alex's Card



Ali's Card

Alex chose flowers because he knew I like to always have fresh flowers and Ali of course made a cake because he says I’m always making yummy cakes 🙂

It’s such a perfect day

Where have I heard that before lol

I know I said I would try and update more regularly but time is just so hard to find .

Between me actually sleeping a whole lot better and Allan being home now I never seem to find time to do much of anything.

Yesterday I met Mary an old friend I have known for about 25 years that I have recently come back into contact with through the facebook groups. I used to work with her at Kent paper products..
Anyway Mary, Terri and Michelle (both group owners with Mary on some of the freebie facebook groups)
All Met up at sainsburys cafe for a good old chinwag…  They must have hated us there because we were there from just gone 10am until about 2pm just chatting away.

It really was lovely just to get out of the house and If I’m honest away from my dad and Allan 🙂

Today I have managed to watch the rugby all day.. the best thing we did was get the Tivo Virgin box, Not because I like that actually its the reverse I hate the tivo box but the good thing is we have put the virgin plus box upstairs in the boys bedroom and they watch their tv upstairs so I dont have to put up with the kids programs they like to watch and we can watch what we want..  We have the full package plus sport so get to watch everything we like.. downside was i had to work out how to do the child proofing of the virgin plus box to stop them watching anything they shouldn’t lol

We (Allan and I) have also joined this local cake club he found and the idea is you all meet up once a month and bake a cake to a theme.. the meeting is next saturday and Allan is going to bake a cake this time. now when I bake and im left to myself everything works out perfect when he butts in things go wrong so this time I am leaving him to it haha will see what happens.. the theme is flowers.

Hmmm what other things are going on… Oh yes we have another escapee Mork has gone missing now……but I’m sure he will turn up at some point….

Anyway thats about it…….. My F1 season starts again this weekend and the Race is tomorrow morning..  Bring it on 🙂

Brown is Boring!

when will I fucking learn?


A few years (ok 8) I had a my hair cut into a very short crop which I loved but only because Alex was small and it was easier than dealing with long hair.

I did dye it blonde It grew a bit and my friend did my roots –


Anyway on goes the blonde dye, it says 30 mins but after 15 my scalp is on fire – I should have  known it was a bad idea after spilling some on my wrist and getting some sort of third degree burn! But no, already acting like the dumbest of blondes I continue for a further 5 mins then can stand it no more and off it comes.


My roots were YELLOW, not a nice pale yellow, NO, they are canary yellow – think tweety pie or the cover of the yellow pages, and the rest of it is copper (OK GINGER). Fuck!


The problem is I had a christening to go to.. Yes My son’s so the pictures of me at the christening are more horrific than even I had planned.


I stopped colouring my hair for years after that then about a year or maybe little bit more than that ago I decided I was bored with my mousey hair and decided to dye it… being scared off blonde for life I decided to go for a red head then after that purple.. then red etc etc


Having spent over a year and a half dying my hair either Flaming dark red or Dark Purple or both,

I decided for some strange reason yesterday to have a complete change


Bear in mind that a few months or so ago I dyed it vibrant plum, and I now had about an inch of grey roots!!


But as the plum/violet colour had washed out the red seemed to have stayed in.. So the sensible me decided that I should go back to being brown….. which was as close as I could remember to what my natural hair colour was (without the gray)


DO I ask a friend who is a hairdresser to help me.. No of course I don’t. I decided to pick up a couple of light Brown Hair colours from the 99p shop (yes I hear you what sort of silly cow goes to the 99p show for hair dye… ) A cheap one who is skint is the reply lol



so Last Night I decided to go for it…..



Anyway I colour my hair and it looks Brown…. with GINGER!!


I Tell Allan that if he loved me he would walk up to Milton to the chemist and get me a darker dye because I still have wet hair that is drying in various shades of dark ginger – he refuses as he wipes tears away laughing his head off ! BASTARD.


I end up taking the car to the shop that is less than a five-minute walk because I cannot risk being seen. I wear a wooly fucking hat and look like Benny from Crossroads as I surreptitiously creep into the shop grab a couple of boxes of dark brown dye, pay and leg it to the car.


I dry my hair and start again!


All I can say is Dark Brown Is Boring!!

Very Boring!!

Very Very Boring!!

Very Very Very Boring!!

Very Very Very Very Boring!!!


Get my drift?!?

Somehow I cant see it staying Dark Brown very long………

Maybe I should have it cut as well as change colour I need something now that is NOT Boring lol


I wouldn’t mind be we had a party to go to tonight and my hair still looks terrible and of course in the bright fluorescent lit ladies room there.. If you look close enough you can still see that damn Ginger or as my mum would call it Auburn well that was her real hair colour thankfully I was born blonde………. hang one as I got older my hair got darker.. Please tell me that my real hair colour is not Auburn!! I hate bloody ginger……….


Hmmmm roll on pay day… will it be red (by red I mean flaming zonking red) or purple again lol Maybe Blue for a change…..


what do you mean I am 50 soon and to act my age……. I don’t want to!! In my head I am still only 21


oh and one other thing… Mork has now gone missing………….. Maybe he has gone to find Mindy 😦


Long time & Intermittent Blogs

 I would apologise for being a negligent blogger, but sometimes life is full and takes up more time than expected, and I am not one to regret living it.

My eczema has cleared up a lot thanks to several trips to the doctors  and £££’s worth of lotions and potions, My Chest Cleared up thanks to £££’s worth of Inhalers, you would think I was on top of the world wouldn’t you except for one problem. Lifting my leg up to rub for-mentioned lotions and potions on my feet 4 times a day had aggravated my knee and hip so could hardly walk, get in a car so I have been hobbling round with a walking stick. and just as I think it’s getting to the point where I am not in constant agony I now have the woman equivalent of man flu… Seriously my throat feels like it has been slit.. my chest is starting to feel tight but thanks to mega steroids im hoping it wont get as bad as it was.
I feel like its one thing after another but I will get there, the worst is behind me, I can cope with man flu……. 🙂


Nothing else really is happening in the world I have been in touch with a lovely old friend from many many years ago who came round for a coffee the other day and while chatting informed me I am a grandmother again. So I now Apparently have 5 grandchildren, Sarah has two, River and the newborn granddaughter yet to be named,  my oldest son has Angel and Danny and John (Sarah’s Twin) has Maisy   Im glad they have their lives and are happy but it is heartbreaking to know I will probably never see my oldest never mind my grandchildren.  But maybe one day  their father will either tell the truth or they will see for themselves what he was really like.

But I’m not going to mope about I have two beautiful little boys.. I say little but in actual fact they are growing up way too quickly , It was hair cut day the other day and I noticed in the pictures that my babies are no longer babies.. 😦 

I know one thing, I could never be without them.,  They keep me going .
anyway. Allan has gone to do the school run as I feel so lousy so its back to resting on the sofa for me.

I’ll try to post something more interesting next time ! Promise!

 I don’t even know if I have the energy to plug in my camera to include a recent photo with this post. I’ll try to gum up some energy.