Long time & Intermittent Blogs

 I would apologise for being a negligent blogger, but sometimes life is full and takes up more time than expected, and I am not one to regret living it.

My eczema has cleared up a lot thanks to several trips to the doctors  and £££’s worth of lotions and potions, My Chest Cleared up thanks to £££’s worth of Inhalers, you would think I was on top of the world wouldn’t you except for one problem. Lifting my leg up to rub for-mentioned lotions and potions on my feet 4 times a day had aggravated my knee and hip so could hardly walk, get in a car so I have been hobbling round with a walking stick. and just as I think it’s getting to the point where I am not in constant agony I now have the woman equivalent of man flu… Seriously my throat feels like it has been slit.. my chest is starting to feel tight but thanks to mega steroids im hoping it wont get as bad as it was.
I feel like its one thing after another but I will get there, the worst is behind me, I can cope with man flu……. 🙂


Nothing else really is happening in the world I have been in touch with a lovely old friend from many many years ago who came round for a coffee the other day and while chatting informed me I am a grandmother again. So I now Apparently have 5 grandchildren, Sarah has two, River and the newborn granddaughter yet to be named,  my oldest son has Angel and Danny and John (Sarah’s Twin) has Maisy   Im glad they have their lives and are happy but it is heartbreaking to know I will probably never see my oldest never mind my grandchildren.  But maybe one day  their father will either tell the truth or they will see for themselves what he was really like.

But I’m not going to mope about I have two beautiful little boys.. I say little but in actual fact they are growing up way too quickly , It was hair cut day the other day and I noticed in the pictures that my babies are no longer babies.. 😦 

I know one thing, I could never be without them.,  They keep me going .
anyway. Allan has gone to do the school run as I feel so lousy so its back to resting on the sofa for me.

I’ll try to post something more interesting next time ! Promise!

 I don’t even know if I have the energy to plug in my camera to include a recent photo with this post. I’ll try to gum up some energy.


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