Brown is Boring!

when will I fucking learn?


A few years (ok 8) I had a my hair cut into a very short crop which I loved but only because Alex was small and it was easier than dealing with long hair.

I did dye it blonde It grew a bit and my friend did my roots –


Anyway on goes the blonde dye, it says 30 mins but after 15 my scalp is on fire – I should have  known it was a bad idea after spilling some on my wrist and getting some sort of third degree burn! But no, already acting like the dumbest of blondes I continue for a further 5 mins then can stand it no more and off it comes.


My roots were YELLOW, not a nice pale yellow, NO, they are canary yellow – think tweety pie or the cover of the yellow pages, and the rest of it is copper (OK GINGER). Fuck!


The problem is I had a christening to go to.. Yes My son’s so the pictures of me at the christening are more horrific than even I had planned.


I stopped colouring my hair for years after that then about a year or maybe little bit more than that ago I decided I was bored with my mousey hair and decided to dye it… being scared off blonde for life I decided to go for a red head then after that purple.. then red etc etc


Having spent over a year and a half dying my hair either Flaming dark red or Dark Purple or both,

I decided for some strange reason yesterday to have a complete change


Bear in mind that a few months or so ago I dyed it vibrant plum, and I now had about an inch of grey roots!!


But as the plum/violet colour had washed out the red seemed to have stayed in.. So the sensible me decided that I should go back to being brown….. which was as close as I could remember to what my natural hair colour was (without the gray)


DO I ask a friend who is a hairdresser to help me.. No of course I don’t. I decided to pick up a couple of light Brown Hair colours from the 99p shop (yes I hear you what sort of silly cow goes to the 99p show for hair dye… ) A cheap one who is skint is the reply lol



so Last Night I decided to go for it…..



Anyway I colour my hair and it looks Brown…. with GINGER!!


I Tell Allan that if he loved me he would walk up to Milton to the chemist and get me a darker dye because I still have wet hair that is drying in various shades of dark ginger – he refuses as he wipes tears away laughing his head off ! BASTARD.


I end up taking the car to the shop that is less than a five-minute walk because I cannot risk being seen. I wear a wooly fucking hat and look like Benny from Crossroads as I surreptitiously creep into the shop grab a couple of boxes of dark brown dye, pay and leg it to the car.


I dry my hair and start again!


All I can say is Dark Brown Is Boring!!

Very Boring!!

Very Very Boring!!

Very Very Very Boring!!

Very Very Very Very Boring!!!


Get my drift?!?

Somehow I cant see it staying Dark Brown very long………

Maybe I should have it cut as well as change colour I need something now that is NOT Boring lol


I wouldn’t mind be we had a party to go to tonight and my hair still looks terrible and of course in the bright fluorescent lit ladies room there.. If you look close enough you can still see that damn Ginger or as my mum would call it Auburn well that was her real hair colour thankfully I was born blonde………. hang one as I got older my hair got darker.. Please tell me that my real hair colour is not Auburn!! I hate bloody ginger……….


Hmmmm roll on pay day… will it be red (by red I mean flaming zonking red) or purple again lol Maybe Blue for a change…..


what do you mean I am 50 soon and to act my age……. I don’t want to!! In my head I am still only 21


oh and one other thing… Mork has now gone missing………….. Maybe he has gone to find Mindy 😦



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