It’s such a perfect day

Where have I heard that before lol

I know I said I would try and update more regularly but time is just so hard to find .

Between me actually sleeping a whole lot better and Allan being home now I never seem to find time to do much of anything.

Yesterday I met Mary an old friend I have known for about 25 years that I have recently come back into contact with through the facebook groups. I used to work with her at Kent paper products..
Anyway Mary, Terri and Michelle (both group owners with Mary on some of the freebie facebook groups)
All Met up at sainsburys cafe for a good old chinwag…  They must have hated us there because we were there from just gone 10am until about 2pm just chatting away.

It really was lovely just to get out of the house and If I’m honest away from my dad and Allan 🙂

Today I have managed to watch the rugby all day.. the best thing we did was get the Tivo Virgin box, Not because I like that actually its the reverse I hate the tivo box but the good thing is we have put the virgin plus box upstairs in the boys bedroom and they watch their tv upstairs so I dont have to put up with the kids programs they like to watch and we can watch what we want..  We have the full package plus sport so get to watch everything we like.. downside was i had to work out how to do the child proofing of the virgin plus box to stop them watching anything they shouldn’t lol

We (Allan and I) have also joined this local cake club he found and the idea is you all meet up once a month and bake a cake to a theme.. the meeting is next saturday and Allan is going to bake a cake this time. now when I bake and im left to myself everything works out perfect when he butts in things go wrong so this time I am leaving him to it haha will see what happens.. the theme is flowers.

Hmmm what other things are going on… Oh yes we have another escapee Mork has gone missing now……but I’m sure he will turn up at some point….

Anyway thats about it…….. My F1 season starts again this weekend and the Race is tomorrow morning..  Bring it on 🙂


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