Today is Mothers Day

You would think having had so many kids that I would always be inundated with Mothers day cards But the opposite has always been true

My Ex never ever bothered getting mothers day cards for me from the kids when they were little and the schools at the time never got the kids to do one because it wasn’t pc, Ok this worked both ways as they never did fathers day cards either at school  But I always got the Arse one from the kids……….

Anyway  thankfully things are not the same now At least the schools bother lol When the boys were at play group I used to get a lovely little plant and a picture they had made and when they started school they all made a card but of course everyone in the class made the same card and wrote the same thing.. 

And of course Allan always remembered on the Sunday morning and ran over the shop and got a card…  Well this year he had to go over the shop last week and pick up a card for his mother so that’s when he got mine..  (not flowers or anything else but in all fairness we are skint and I look after the money and bank cards 😆 So I cant exactly say anything about that..

But the boys came home from school on Friday hiding their stuff (Always a dead give away ) and Ali gave me a cake that he had made at school.

I have been presented with two beautiful cards

Both have said they got to choose exactly what they wanted to do and of course in Alex’s case write as well.

And here they are…  These mean so much more to me than any card Allan could ever buy from them.

Alex's Card



Ali's Card

Alex chose flowers because he knew I like to always have fresh flowers and Ali of course made a cake because he says I’m always making yummy cakes 🙂


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