My Baby Girl has been returned :-)

Remember on Jan 11th I posted during my photo blog that my baby girl snake Mindy was missing 😦 and on March 11 that Mork had also gone missing

Well the wanderer has returned… or been returned… Mindy turned up three doors up at Donna’s  in her son’s Laundry pile…

Looking very skinny I have to say and it took a lot of persuasion to get her to eat a tiny pinky we had to brain it but it went in the end
 I will post a picture in a week or so as i don’t want to upset her yet.. needless to say she is now in a stronger viv so there will be no more escaping..

Im just so glad I have my beautiful girl with the heart back now fingers crossed Mork will turn up too

(pic is old pic of her )

my beautiful Mindy with her heart shaped markings on her head

Back at home safe and sound I managed to get a nice picture of her


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