The Feeding Frenzy Stops Now! Mr Wii fit nearly passed out when I stood on him!

Yes I know I have said that we were planning on going back on our low-fat diet on many an occasion since we gave up smoking but today it goes into force..

 We had decided the other day that we would start today (Monday) But not being able to sleep I decided to get the Wii fit out its been 208 days since I have used it… which is basically since I got bad feet originally as I couldn’t do the step etc….

Well I have just had the shock of my life… I know my knee pain is going to stop me doing a lot of exercise, I know my chest still being weak is not going to help… but until I can make a start of getting rid of this extra body fat, Neither is going to get better so it’s a vicious circle..


According to Wii fit plus I have the Wii fit age of 54….. OK I could live with that knowing how obese I am and bearing in mind I am 50 in November if it wasn’t for the fact that two years ago I had a Wii fit age of 34.


The Wii fit plus man says I should have a body weight of just over 10 stone… and I can’t remember what the BMI should be but I do know that is not the right weight for me… Ideally I would be fit and happy with a body weight of about 11 to 12 stone… I don’t look right in a size 12 I am a naturally size 14/16 stuck in a fat body! Even so if I went by what the Wii man says I need to lose half my body weight..

 I can’t do major work out’s YET! shame I can’t have one of those personal trainers like on biggest looser.. someone who would sort every morsel of food that goes in this body and someone who would work out a program of exercise I could do.. oh and a personal doctor to help sort out everything that’s wrong with me so I could work out like a trojan.

 But in the mean time back in the real world I can cut back and go on a healthy diet… I can make time to do my basic Wii fit exercise again..

Allan has said we can get the exercise bike down out of the back room so I could sit and ride while watching tv because lets face it upstairs even if it wasn’t used as a store-room is boring. once i have lost some weight and am more motivated then we can start using all the other stuff we have up there i.e. cross trainer etc. …

Now all I need is daddy free time to do this… well I am going to have to make time…

I need to lose weight before the summer holidays… I intend on making use of the swimming facilities and don’t want anyone to harpoon me thinking I am the great white whale. OK I know this is going to take a long time.. it took me years to get fat so I’m not expecting it to all come off at once.. but its a start for the rest of my life.

 Maybe if I spent less time on the internet and more time on exercise I would be better off… I have given up playing games on face book so if I can just beat my addiction to lurk I will be winning… Freegle is taking up less time now as well as I have a couple of moderators so really I have no excuse.

 Actually funny thing mentioning the internet .. its 4.18am and at the moment its down.. I know it worked an hour ago so obviously Virgin are having some problems


So my plan is..

low-fat diet (obviously)

need to seriously work out some low-fat low-cost meals for both Allan and I.
If the kids will eat them then it’s a bonus.

Us Wii fit plus every day and maybe keep a weight loss diary and remember to do a weekly blog even if its only about that.

Use exercise bike (once its down) every day.

Once the warmer weather gets here and hopefully I can actually walk further without dying.. Actually walk the kids back home from school. (mornings are too hectic in this house to actually walk them there and it is too far for the kids really)

Starting today!

 Well I did an hour and a half using the Wii fit and the Zumba.. (Jeeze that’s hard work) I did feel I could have done more but by the time my dad had left and I had done some exercise it was time to get the boys from school

Diet plan for the day, I have had a packet of the special K bites lemon flavour which are 99 calories  and for dinner we are having a low-fat chicken curry with a small good for you nan bread..

Allan has had one of those meal replacement shakes at lunch time, I didn’t bother as I wasn’t hungry  Not sure if skipping meals is a good thing or not.. I will work this out though… I know  I am determined really because I need to be here to see my boys grow up.


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