Day 5 of the new me! -8lb



Please feel free to totally ignore me but I have to say I am pleased with the way things are going Diet wise

Day 5 now and I have lost a total of 8lb… Yes I know that the first couple of weeks in a diet you lose mostly water but who cares…

I am 8lb lighter………. I have been really good and am surprised at how easy it has been so far..

breakfast a 30g bowl of low-fat cereal with skimmed milk

Lunch a bag of Kellogg’s mini bites which are 100 cal

(Bearing in mind I never do breakfast and lunch really)

Diners have been either a jacket sweet potato with a thin spread of light Marge with a very lean piece of pork chop and salad or a normal type dinner but with smaller portions.

I have changed the plates we use around.. I have put away all the larger size ones and got out the old cheapo white ones which were small.  smaller plate = less food

again with the bowls smaller bowl = less in it.

I think Allan is struggling when it comes to his late night sugar fix as that’s when he used to fill up on chocolate and crisps.

I am actually a tad proud of myself… on the school run this afternoon Jo went into the co op and came out with some cheese straws  .. I turned one down… we used to be able to do 2 very easily lol

I have done my Wii exercises twice now… in all fairness its the only chance I have had to do them as the father figure has been round most of the day all week

But yesterday I told him that I have started to do exercises every morning and not to come round before 10.30… today he came round at 11am but I have no doubt he will forget about it and start coming round early again soon.

Fingers crossed I can keep this up…

In reality my aim is to lose about 3lb a week. 

And after all I can’t let Allan lose more weight than me lol

This is going to be a long haul so expect to be bored stupid.







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