Going…. Going….. It’s Going!!!

I’m impressed with my will power… so you will have to excuse my blowing my own trumpet here lol … I weighed myself sat morning and had only lost 1lb so was a bit gutted to be honest.. as it was only a total of 9lb since I started on Monday. so Saturday I really upped the anti I did my usual exercise.. then we went off for a very long walk round moat park (the place is huge) … and in the evening we all played on the wii so we did bowling, tennis. etc plus i had a wii jog lol Sunday I didn’t weigh in at all, Allan and I had both decided that Sundays were a naughty but nice day.. were we would lapse a little so we could have Sunday dinner etc.. so we did although we did have smaller portions I avoided the Yorkshire pudding etc and instead of having half an apple pie with custard i just had a slither , in the evening I even had a bag of crisps (baked so lower fat than normal ones and only 103 cal a pack) anyway I got on the wii today to weigh in expecting to have gained a couple of lb and to my surprise I have lost another 6lb I have reached my 3 week goal of a stone already. so now need to set another goal. I realize that this week is a lot of water loss so it’s not going to happen again… should I set another 1 stone over three week goal or should I go for it and go over 2 weeks Hmmmm wonder what is the most realistic type of goal to set. ?

Anyway here  are a few pics of the Dog Walk around Moat Park It was lovely when we started but a black cloud came rolling over and the heavens opened up for all of a few seconds… we did have a lovely double rainbow though.

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