Who has taken my kids and left these strangers in their place?

I hope to have my real son back soon, and that the changeling who looks like him (who has been hanging around for the last month or so making life miserable – mostly for himself!) disappears forever

Seriously Alex is 8 going on 16…  Wants to be treated like a teenager and at the moment is acting like an obnoxious teenager , He who has gone from a perfect student to a why should I bother learning type of student.
Everything is a battle at the moment.. there used to be a time when he loved doing home learning, loved writing. loved maths … Not at the moment… He hates everything.
I know the school is working them hard at the moment and they are doing their SAT’s and that is probably stressing him out but I think this summer break cant come soon enough.. 

I have been good so far I promise… In that he is still alive despite the urge to kill him at times.

And then we have Ali who is how can I describe him Ali, I have never known so many good days… Honest its like having another child in the house……….
the monster within seems to have gone on holiday…… And left behind a nice Ali……….. An Ali who is more talkative than I have ever known him, One who is more affectionate then ever, One who is even interested in his home learning and his Julia Donaldson books…   He has chosen to do his home learning on Zog.   He had to take in something related to the book so we have made a little concertina type Zog
And he is taking it in , in his book bag in the morning.  Long may this Ali stay but I really hope we can Banish the Evil Alex soon!! 

But then I am dreading September because Where Ali has come out of himself and his shell so much I dont want a total change of routine and teacher at school to set him back… Not now he has come so far… Its like another child is now living in this house……   I want to keep this one!


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