So much going on at the moment

I know I know, I promise I will keep up to day on my blog but then life takes over and I never seem to have time,
We have had a lovely Facebook friend I am proud to have met,  Vickie stay with us for a while.

The boys have had loads of things going on at school, Thankfully now they have broken up for half term Its a scary thought not long to go until the summer holidays.

Alex has joined the cubs and Ali the beavers and they love it.. there was a BBQ and activities evening the other day at the main scout building and I couldn’t believe the amount of stuff there or how big it was.

you are not really allowed to take pictures there but Allan managed to sneak in a couple. The boys haven’t been inaugurated yet so didn’t wear their uniform (however I have it ready ) The should be invested in a few weeks they cant wait to get their badges . Allan is thinking about helping out…  That should be interesting .

What else have we been up to? Ah yes…
We went sea fishing over at Barton Point…

Again the boys loved being out and about. Allan and Alex did the fishing thing, Ali sat by the sea getting soaked and Vickie and I stayed most of the time in the shelter… I am getting more mobile but have to say getting up and down and out and about on the very loose shingle and stones was not easy.  but this time 4 months ago i wouldn’t have been able to get out of the car so things are getting a lot better. Health wise I have been perfect. with the exception of what I think is a little hay fever my chest is clear still.   Slowly starting to get my life back.  Still get very tired and still in quite a bit of pain but what Allan doesn’t know doesn’t hurt him lol I use the famous words… I’m alright!

We also went over to leysdown for a day out with the boys, first we went to the amusements, did some bowling and then we went over to leysdown and did some metal detecting on the beach.

Alex had Bagheera for the day, the class stuffed Animal that was adopted, So we took Bagheera to the park.

And on another day out we took the dog for a walk to capstone park…. fantastic place there the boys loved it.

What else have we been up to… Oh yes, Last but not least the boys have had a jubilee party at school. and yesterday I got into the spirit and made them some cakes, They have another Jubilee party to go to with the scouts on Tuesday as well so their red white and blue clothes will have lots of use.


So as you can see, I really have been busy and not had time to update 🙂

As I always say I will try and do better next time.


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