Back to normal until the next royal event .

We are halfway through the week back at school after the half term last week and the jubilee events at school the week before and at last things are getting back to normal.

Yes I am not ashamed to say I am a royalist… It took 8 years of living in America to make me appreciate having a royal family.

and the one thing I remember most was how jealous of our royal family the Americans were..  It was a form of continuity that they never had..

one of the things that really peeve me is the amount of people slating the royal family and how much they cost the tax payer.. they are totally ignorant of how much revenue they bring in to the country

oh  another thing is how many 80 and 90 yr olds do you know that work the hours they do…. yes exactly not many… The average man is now complaining because the government have now raised the age of retirement… lets see them work until the day they die.
here are a couple of good bits of info for all those who think the royal family are a drain on the countries resources

Anyway I digress
After all the celebrations of last week with the Jubilee like I said its nice to get back to normal
  I am glad that the boys got to take part in such a monumental event and I hope in later years they look back on it with a smile.. I still remember the queens silver Jubilee in 1977 when I was 14   I remember the schools handing out mugs

and I remember the street parties and special events… I even remember attending a disco and colouring my hair silver for the occasion.  (My hair was white blonde when I was born and not much darker when I was 14  Yes I know by the time I was an adult it was mousey brown but I have to confess to it now getting lighter again… Just a shame its going gray now instead of blonde :lol:) Anyway.. My mother went mad at me colouring my hair especially when It wouldn’t wash out again as I had used a permanent hair dye by mistake..

The boys have their school parties and the Fridge Magnets and certificates to look back on. They have the party up at the scouts camp-site……..  The tug of war……. the games…………. The shows on tv which they sat glued to … such as the river pageant……. the concert at the palace…….. the fly over……. (yes that really impressed them with their beloved planes)
Oh and the boys favourite part of all the celebrations  the marquee full of food that everyone had taken in…… I made a cake and some sausage rolls.
there was enough food to feed about 400 people.
and then there was the sitting outside eating it under umbrellas.

I bet they will always remember that as well. 
And At least they got some wear out of the union jack t-shirts and shorts I got them and the crowns we made as they wore them for everything as you can see from the last blog post and the pic of Ali at his school party and they will do them for the summer Thats if we ever have a summer 🙂

Allan and the boys with the Tug of War

Munching in the rain

Outside the house… the sun was in Alex’s eyes honest… he is not in tears lol

Alex playing with friends outside the Marquee



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