Thought it was too good to be true my boys are back!

The whole time we have had Vickie stay with us Ali had been an angel in comparison to what he normal is like.

This last week we have the old Ali back……….Growling, Shouting. Throwing stuff around  we also had  the whole house stink of burning because Alex has decided to become A child pyromaniac
I often wonder if they had statemented the wrong child.

Seriously I really don’t know what has got into them over the last week.. maybe the excitement and of course change of everything that has been going on over half term.
we got them to bed the other night and there was a loud crash and almighty scream after about half an hour… It was Ali he had fallen from the top bunk… No he doesn’t sleep on the top bunk he had just been climbing up from the window ledge.
He fell down hit the chest of draws by the side of the bed… knocked off the virgin video plus box and bedside light (which broke) and then banged his head on the floor!  once we had determined that there would be no need for a trip up the hospital we read them the riot act for climbing up and not using the ladder on the bunk beds :roll
Ali bent the hinge on the door of the washing machine so that’s now a pain to shut. The house looked like a bomb had hit it. It’s just recovering now since they went back to school oh and
The fridge freezer died last week as well, but being the terrible mother I am I told the boys it was their fault because they are always in the fridge or freezer and leaving the door open so far this has worked and stopped them going into the under counter fridge we brought in from the shed… see living with a hoarder has its advantages… we had a spare fridge…… how many people can say that..

It has hit me now how close we are to the summer holidays and before that we have Ali’s birthday… Time is flying by…….
If the boys behave like they have been lately I am dreading them being off for 7 weeks I am going to have to really find some stuff to keep them occupied.

I love them to bit but there are times when I would really like to lock them in a dungeon lol

I so need one of these!!


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