I give up I really do! I can do nothing right these last few days!

Have you ever tried to help someone and it totally backfired?
I feel like that everything I have done this week has gone tit’s up!

First one person who I shall call *MK* those who know her will know why I have used *MK*,  who is continuously on about how much sweet stuff *MK* eats or energy drinks she has and who is always moaning about headaches………. was saying yet again how she needed an energy drink (bearing in mind she has done nothing but post pictures and say how much she loves her energy drinks ) and I said to *MK* just be a touch careful and it may be worth getting her blood sugars tested  (as I know how easy it is for diabetes to creep up on you) and that she had three lovely kids who needed their mum and *MK* went in to her usual childish rant which seems to happen quite often when something is said that she takes personally … now if I had called *MK* a fat  lazy and someone who does nothing and lets her other half do it all when it comes to dealing with the kids and who does nothing but stuff her face full of munch as she calls it all the time while not letting the kids or even her other half have it  and then says how expensive to go on a diet… I could understand it… mind you all of that is true to a certain extent anyway
well what do you know *MK* removed me from her facebook friend list….  I do know how hard it is to diet but I also know how bad to much sugar can make you feel  and all her symptoms I would say were down to her diet.. I know I am in a pissed off mood but I didnt say it to her to be nasty I said it to her because I know how these things can creep up on you…   she is young has kids….  I am 50  I know for a fat that I didn’t have high cholesterol and wasn’t a diabetic at 22  If I was I doubt I would be here now. 

  Like I said Have you ever tried to help someone and it totally backfired? 

Anyway the day did get better, I meet Mary in Asda’s and we decided to have a coffee while we are there and I get the phone call from Allan asking how long I am going to be because he wants to go up the town and check out the phone upgrades,  so he has the hump for a while.  then while we are out  my phone text alert goes and………………..

 I get a message from Vickie saying the dongle is not working…   go back in time. she is now in a hostel and I lent her the laptop and Jo lent Vickie her dongle… Jo had taken her sim card out so I had bought a new sim for the dongle… big mistake… turns out the sim i had bought was the wrong one…  yes phone ones did used to work but since they moved over to the micro sim the old phone sims no longer work and you had to get a new internet one..   sadly Vickie had put some money on it and of course it’s not working , can totally understand why she was gutted…   but I was fuming with the three shop she went to… apart from telling her the sim card was fake… like fuck it was as I bought it from a reputable mobile shop and the dongle was fucked… well we know it wasn’t fucked as it’s not that long since its been in use and not only that it loaded up on the laptop…  it was just the wrong sim…. instead of telling her that… they tried selling her a new dongle for £30…  and wouldn’t give her the £25 she had put on the sim,  bastards…..
hopefully it’s sorted now as Jo spent nearly two hours taking to three head office and they have agreed if we buy a new internet sim (yes still available in the old size) for the dongle then they will transfer the money over and credit the new sim. I have my fingers crossed because we can’t sort this out until at least Monday when Jo gets paid as we are all skint at the moment.
I feel bad because this is all my fault for buying the wrong sim for the dongle..

Then its time to take Ali and Alex to beavers and cubs… Jo wants to take Adam along so he can join so we both go and Adam joins then we nip to asda’s for 3/4 hour to kill time,  until  its time to get Adam and Ali and drop Alex at cubs…(beavers and cubs are held up the school) we then go home, Jo takes Adam in and I get Ali in by which time Allan is back .. we now have until 7.30 to collect Alex as cubs are longer than beavers……..
I get Alex and they tell me that next we he is going to be inaugurated next week which I know is going to piss Ali off when Alex gets his scarf and Ali doesn’t…  but and here is the clincher… Cubs have their summer camp and they have said Alex could go…. bugger more expense…… ok only £20 but we have Ali’s birthday coming up and school trip to pay for.. plus save up for when we go away.  and of course the beavers camp was before Ali started so it’s not as if he can go… we said we would think about it but Alex went into one so the day started off with someone throwing a paddy *MK* and ended with Alex throwing a paddy……  oh what fun
I go onto face book once I have got the boys to bed and on my wall it shows *MK* having another rant at someone on her status… (because someone I know had commented on it and it still showed up as she had just removed me and not blocked me) I read it … thought FFS I really don’t need this , with any luck one day someone is going to lay her out and it’s not worth me doing time for it. I have a mega headache and really can’t be arsed anymore..
so I Blocked her…… I feel so much better for that.. I never have to see her rants again and yes she does rant at everyone on a regular basis.

Next Friday should be interesting as we are all supposed to be meeting up for a coffee… Me, Gladys, Mary, Terri and *MK* bet she dont come lol

Then we have Friday:
The plan was I go shopping, I come back.. Allan and I go out for a meal at the Jenny wren… we get the two courses for two people for £9  I have some vouchers for buy one get one free drinks so should be a cheap lunch lol
no when we eventually get there he decided he wants the proper meal. oh and the combo starter and desert… £30 odd later meal over…….. Next time he can take me lol
We get home and I still have a pounding headache from the day before…… we end up falling asleep on the sofa’s  and end up waking up this morning

Allan is Bowls today and I still haven’t sewn up the hem on his white trousers  so he moans… well tough  wear your other trousers……….

I go upstairs and the boys have been in my bedroom been in my jewellery box and lost some bits , broken a bracelet  we have a go at them for that tell them to keep out of our room and not to touch anything that is not theirs and we go back in later on to find they had got something else out… I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall,  
I am starting to wonder what will work, we take away stuff… we throw away stuff , we confine them to their room, we take away the tv lead,   we stop treats… short of  my dads suggestion   Take the belt to them it never hurt you…. well actually it did… but then I did learn my lesson and never did it again.. however father if I did that now I would have social services banging on my door and putting them in care and I would be arrested as a child beater………  I give up……
If anything else goes wrong today I will just punch someone.  over the age of 18 who is not going to contact the police 🙄

Roll on Sunday….  oh hang on my dad is over tomorrow for dinner……………. Cancel that……..


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