Happy Fathers Day

I know I moan about my dad all the time and he drives me crazy,

but I have to say I am thankful for having a dad always present in my life

And for my boy’s father  Allan whom I love and adore with all my heart. (Just don’t tell him I said that)

Happy Fathers Day to you Both!


No Seriously,  I know I moan and moan about my Dad

He drives me crazy coming around an hour before he says he is going to

He drives me crazy just letting himself in with his key.

He drives me crazy coming round every day practically and I actually have to book daddy free days if I want to go out.

He drives me crazy that every Sunday he has to be here for roast dinner and we never seem to get some family time to yourselves.

But It did cross my mind this morning that he is getting on a bit now.. 78 yrs old….

I should make the most of  fathers day because when I see the status updates of those who have lost their dads.

I should be grateful he is at least here with us still

Of course that is not going to stop me moaning about him before you get any idea’s 😆


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