Alex has got a Big Owie!! (If you are squemish dont read or look)

The Week started off quite well with lots of social activities (hey walking out of the door is a social activity for me nowadays)
In other words I have had quite a busy week, but on Tuesday all plans went downhill (literally) when Alex was playing a game with some friends and tumbled down a slope on the school field and cut his arm on a stone.
Unfortunately he has about an inch long cut on his Elbow.

I didn’t know about any of this until I was sitting in the Landrover waiting for Vickie while she was running a few errands and I get a call off Allan saying Alex has had an accident and could I get up the school to pick him up…

My first thought was why didn’t the school call me until I remembered that I have not long changed my number and guess who I have forgotten to give it to Yep the school DOH!!


Anyway we go up the school pick Alex up and see the head teacher and she tells me that she thinks he may need to go to the hospital and have a stitch in his elbow.. she had cleaned it out and dressed it as best she could. So I call Jo to see if she can pick Ali up and off I go with Alex to the Memorial hospital stopping for diesel on the way, which has just a Minor Injuries unit really.

Alex waiting to be seen with the dressing the school put on

After waiting for well over an hour to be seen Alex gets called in by this nurse… she had obviously had a bad day because she was snippy with him from the start, she took the dressing off.. said it needed cleaning and yes stitching as it was very deep and proceeded and not in a very careful manner to clean out the wound , anyway as soon as she touched it Alex screamed for England.. she took one small bit out and blood squirted at the wall, thankfully Alex didn’t see this as he had his eyes tightly shut at this point and mouth wide open with lots of noise coming out of it… I think he had decided that he had enough of being brave for the day… however he sat there holding my hand and squeezing and screaming while she (even I could see) quite roughly cleaned it out… then said she would have to give him a local anaesthetic…

she went and got this huge needle… It looked huge to me never mind Alex and she proceeded to stab him in three places with it… Alex cried out again… she then stuck it right inside the cut… This is when he let out a scream that I am sure they would have heard in Outer Mongolia 😦

he moved his arm and she shouted at him so I said I would hold his arm in place at which point she informed me I was not allowed to pin him down and restrain him and that she couldn’t get the rest of the local anaesthetic in on the other side so there was nothing she could do except glue the wound shut and put steri strips on but it wouldn’t hold, he would have a lovely scar and that then next time he fell or knocked it, most probably the whole thing will split open and we will be back to square one with it needing stitching its just a matter of time… could be a week could be a year…



So here we are… A child terrified in pain and she is tut tutting… I’m getting fed up and already deciding just glue it and we can get out of here.

So she pours the glue in which I have to say I know stings like hell from when I have had it done.. all hell broke loose he has a total meltdown seeing the wound and her squeezing it shut and didn’t want her to touch it any-more. I can totally understand how he feels, anyway once she has done that she puts some steri strips over as well to try to hold it shut ,He kept crying even after she had put a pad on and a bandage and refused to move his arm in the position she wanted.. In the end she didn’t bother putting another bandage on just the one she had around it, shoved some tape on to hold it and said …Do not get it wet… change the dressing on Friday and on Sunday he can have a shower so the strips can come off but not to soak it because he can’t have a bath for ten days because of the glue…

Alex by this time is white as a sheet… we go home and he is kinda shell-shocked for the rest of the day. He didn’t even touch any dinner.


By Wednesday morning there was blood seeping through the bandage so I know it’s opened a little… He was off school and came out with us… and had decided to make up for all the eating he missed the day before

Thursday he was back at school but can’t go out to play or do PE…. and Thursday Night he was Invested or Infested as he said into the cubs… He struggled with the salute but did great… He is now a fully fledged Cub….


its been a long week, this afternoon when he comes home from school we are going to change the outer dressing and hopefully we can see exactly how well its healed up or if he needs to go to the main hospital to ask if it can be stitched up properly :-/

taking the dressing off to see what he has actually done

before its cleaned up by the nurse at the hospital

After its cleaned when he had calmed down and wanted to see so I had to take a pic to show him. I didn’t take any more pics at the hospital because as soon as she started with the jabs to sew him up all hell let loose.. will take some more when we check it out this evening.


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