Now What?


Seriously My luck has hit rock bottom….

A few weeks ago Ali somehow managed to bend the washing machine door.. I bent it back up but it was still a pain to shut..

Cant remember if I mentioned it the other week, I think I may have , but we have had problems with our electrics. they keep flicking off the main switch…
About two weeks ago I was just on my way to Asda’s with my dad when Allan called to say the electric had gone again. Last time it was the socket in the front room but of course they had to test them all, Not easy when you live with a hoarder who has everything piled up in rooms upstairs,  Anyway it turned out that it was the fridge freezer had died…  Yeah thinking about it I had posted about it……….

well the other day I was doing some washing when I went to pick Vickie up with Jo at the forum

as soon as we walked in the door the electric tripped off… Flicked the fuse  it was fine…..
The night after I had already done one load of washing and put it in the tumble dryer and put another load of washing on as we went to bed…

Within about ten mins the electric went off. Allan went down , flicked the switch… ten mins later it went off again.. Vickie flicked it on… it went off..

lying in bed I suddenly worked out the common denominator of the power going off… The washing machine.. So I went down turned off the washing machine. and all is well.

I left it as I had spare uniforms and Friday decided that I needed to catch up on the washing as I had a couple of loads……..  I put the machine on and lo and behold it did it again…..

I then noticed that the program on the washing machine was not moving.. so we moved the dial and it was still stuck in the same place we could hear a buzzing sound , kinda electrical.. and then yep the electrics tripped out again. now in a panic I asked Jo if she could do a couple of loads of washing for me as I needed school stuff for Monday…  she comes around and gets it so I can at least relax, I look online at the price of programmes for the machine I have and its not cheap  even the part is not cheap never mind paying someone to fit it. and then we are looking at what is an old machine when you take into account the average life of a washing machine nowadays,. So yes it is better just replacing it… 😦

Now we bought that washing machine when Alex was about 2 when the washer dryer I bought when I got the house died and it was the cheapest I could get, so I can’t really complain anyway I price them up and I can get one online price for about £239 from comets and it was collect from store  actually in stock so yep we hit the credit card and ordered it and off Allan went to pick it up..   So it was actually in and fitted before Jo got back with the load if washing.  Allan decided to scrap the old one so we clean up behind where it was… and yes it had been leaking as well.
So I now have a new washing machine… erm I hope the fridge freezer had died and it wasn’t anything to do with the washer… but I wont mention that to Allan.

then we come to-day……  The boys had got hold of the polystyrene packaging from the machine and made “snow” in their room.  I sent Alex up to tidy up so I could Hoover…..  He comes down about an hour later saying he can’t get in his room as he had taken the boarding that was under the mattress on Ali’s bunk  (covered the wooden slats that Ali broke in a melt down once.) Allan goes up and the only way we can get into the room is to force the door off its hinges.. Allan gets the crowbar out and as he forces it  Alex kicked it… (this was not the plan, the plan was to lift it out the way) the door flys down the side of the wall and takes the flat screen tv off the wall and the shelf next to it with the virgin plus box on…  Bollocks… hopefully they are not broken but we have had to remove the whole bracket now for the tv.  I had to tidy the room so having got sick of them not doing as they were told and keeping it tidy.. I did my special room tidy.. I emptied it of every toy going… Yep the only things that have been safe from my cull are Ali’s beloved Doggys and his Teddy and Alex’s Teddy that he has had since he was little.  Everything else went out the front in black sacks.
I hoovered the boys room and decided that it was time to make a start on my room now.. so All down my side of the bed I have cleared… some weight training stuff went in the back room,  Allan’s tool create was there and a huge tub of tomy train set… the rest was junk so while Allan was downstairs I decided to have a good tidy…. another 5 or 6 black sacks have now appeared out the front so I will do a tip run on Monday..  Tomorrow I am going to tackle the other side of the bed.

I will de-clutter so we can move in the room , once our room is done I will get the back room sorted lol

so what started off as a disaster has turned into the kick up the bum I needed to make a start on clearing the shit out of my bedroom

It’s Official the De-Clutter has started!!
sorting in to groups.
eBay or selling groups,
Freegle/Freebie groups
So far the tip is winning!! :-/


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