Not enough hours in the day at the moment

Just popping in to say a quick hello I am still alive before I get on with all the stuff I have to do today,

Got cakes to bake for the Bowls Club do tomorrow, If I get time another cake for Ali’s Birthday as I feel bad about buying him one, Clothes to get sorted for tomorrows day out at the trains we are taking Ali here for his treat we go every year on his birthday he loves the place, Oh and got the summer Fayre at the school to do today as I’m helping out on the smash a plate stall with the beavers and cubs. bit worried about that one with all the flying glass and stuff having the kids so close but hey it must be safe… anyway off I go, it’s going to be a long day

not sure if I will be updating this weekend I will try if I can,


anyway what has taken place which I feel a bad mummy about was the school sponsored walk , I got at the school yesterday about 2.35 our usual time to go find somewhere to park and it was packed.. I then remembered that as well as none uniform day it was the school sponsored walk oops. oh well I arrived in time to see them and most importantly to them. to take them home early 😆

Oh and one last thing… As I already said in the last Blog, The declutter has started… The main bedroom is slowly looking less like a hoarders paradise  I will blog about this more when I have time as the de-clutter is still ongoing… I want to reclaim all the rooms.
I need to get at least the rooms sorted before August… The Attic I may save for when they go back to school in September to give me something to do with my time when Jo Moves away…. Oh more to come about that as well.
See I have an excuse really for not being on the internet 24/7  🙂





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