On My Way to the Loony Bin!! We NEED “US” time

I haven’t had the energy to do anything but argue with the kids at bedtime
My kids are driving me F**cking CRAZY!!!!! I sit on the sofa drooling, staring at nothing and every few minutes scream – “Go to BED!!!

I hate this time of year. its light outside and of course the kids are on holiday so no school the next day so In their mind there is no need to go to bed..

Ali isn’t too bad yes he is going to bed later but he will go when told… it’s a kinda ritual,. take his glasses off him. tell him to go to the loo… kisses all round and bed… off he goes and that’s usually it he is gone within half an hour…

Alex is another matter… no matter how tired he is that kid will not go to f**cking bed…

from when we tell him its bedtime.. and I am talking about 9.30pm onwards to about 11pm its.. when i have finished this.. or he has the headphones on and is watching something on you tube. then he will go up, and be back down, and up and down…. seriously there is no adult time left in the evening..

and then of course now we have Amber with us… there is no such thing as bed time for a nearly 20 yr old…

privacy has now gone… the ah bliss feeling the kids are all tucked up and we can now have some “Us” time has left the building 😦  I am sitting here wondering what other people do just to have some comfort evening time.. where you can sit and watch tv and have a cup of tea in peace.. without having to go to bed yourself.   I think once we have the room sorted Amber can have a pc or something and a Tv up there and maybe we will have some house rules…  we need some peace lol
It’s going to be a nightmare when we go away on holiday… I can see it now… Adam and the boys will want to be up all night. Allan would be pulling his hair out if if had any…   we will have to wait and see.

Water Zorbing… I so wish I wasnt so fat lol

Ok this was so great it deserves a post all on its own… After the disappointment of not seeing Peppa Pig we said the boys could have a go at the water balls,

Such a shame that you can only go in them up to 15 stone… hey of course that counts me out… Actually it was funny because  there was a young guy about 20ish in front of us in the queue and when it got to his turn he got in the ball and lasted about 3 mins before he was shouting for them to get him out… he was exhausted lol    The boys loved it.. the only thing that worried me a little was that Ali had to take his glasses off but then the lady did point out that he was in a bubble… no way could he hurt himself and I thought yep she is right… DOH!

the charge was actually quite good… it was £3 for five mins but as it was the end of the day as the boys were last  she let them stay on them for a good 10 to 15 mins… apart from being hot they were fine… Ali didn’t even need his asthma pump which surprised me as i thought he may need it.

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Day 9 and the boys are still alive however the house is suffering!

Well we have found things to do with the kids so far..

We did have a bit of a disappointment for Ali , we planed to take the boys to Chatham historic dockyard again as there was a Meet and greet Peppa Pig and George event on at the dockyard.
Peppa Pig is the only thing Ali has ever shown an interest about really, its the only thing he watched on tv with any enthusiasm its his comfort thing.. when ever he isnt well or not right then thats when he wants to watch PP I know he is growing out of it now but hey he may be the size of a 10 yr old but he is only just 6 and for once we thought we would treat him.


but we queued for ages and by the time we got in it was full and over booked to actually meet peppa so we went around the police museum bit and did the rope making and other bits..  this is the third or 4th time we have been there so there is always lots to see… oh and the boys both got to lay a piece of track to help break the world record for the worlds longest bit of track which they loved.. they got a certificate for that, which really impressed Alex.. His home learning project for the summer holidays from the school is to make a memory box and fill it with loads of bits he has done in the holidays so he now has his rope he made and of course the certificate for the world’s record.. alone with other bits.  Thankfully Ali is old enough to understand that it was really busy.. being in the que for so long we got a chance to explain to him so he didn’t go into meltdown which is what I was dreading when they told us all the meet and greet tickets had gone by 11am in the morning .




We also went to the Summer fun day for Mid Kent which was organised and again they had a great time lazer tagging and face paints. etc cream tea’s and a space show which Alex loved. it’s a shame you couldn’t take pictures inside the space down as it was fantastic it was all around us, the stars etc of course if I had taken a picture the flash would mean you wouldn’t see the starts projected above.

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Hello… My house and I dont even have any where to sit………..

why I haven’t updated for a while…

Being able to get on the pc is a big reason!
  Since Amber moved in no one seems to get on the pc’s except her and the boys … No seriously we have three pc’s set up in the front room, she has taken over the one by the sofa which is the one Allan usually uses and Alex and Ali argue over who has mine  and the one on the table… Now usually they use the one on the table in the day when i am on this one and maybe Alex will use Allan’s if Ali is on this one.   Now Amber uses Allan’s and the boys are on the other two.. I don’t see to get a look in… It’s a bit like first thing in the morning, we come downstairs and she has taken over the sofa with her bum and other bits like phones etc… Allan’s will sit on the two-seater with his legs up and Ali is on the is pc from the second he gets up which leaves the wooden dinning chairs.. guess who seems to always get stuck with that.  And if my dad comes round well that’s it he takes over the sofa just sitting on it… and both Allan and I are on wooden dining chairs. I think when it comes to a new suite time when these are on their last legs and Amber is still with us I may be tempted to go back to the three seater and two arm chairs again. at least 4 people can sit in comfort then if you include the computer chair. maybe more if there is room for more than one person on the three seater sofa. 
I can’t wait until she is up in the bedroom and we have our front room back. Roll on Christmas when hopefully we can get her , her own laptop or pc and I will be able to have mine back.
even the dog is struggling to find somewhere to lie down lol the sooner we get this house sorted the better.

Day 3: Letting them burn off energy before they destroy the house! Priceless


The start of a new week and being Monday we decided that we should take the boys and Amber somewhere for Lunch… The place chosen by the boys was Morrison’s… No really.. They love the kids Ham sandwich boxes with the drink, the frube, the puzzle and pencil, the freddo chocolate bar and the bag of fruit… but we My dad and I were also told to get the fish and chips… granddad has beans with his and I have pea’s . Amber chose a quarterpounder cheese burger and chips.

The boys scoffed theirs down before ours even came to the table…   As soon as our fish and chips arrived they are like vulture’s  both love the crispy ends of the cod so Ali had granddad’s and Alex had mine.. and I’m not talking a little bit im talking a good 1/3 of the fish each… they then have the middle section each as they like the white meat.    (they love cod)  leaving us with the rest… Ali eats both the pea’s and the beans…… Alex scoffs more chips…. Amber can’t believe where they put it all says she will never managed to eat all hers but even her plate was empty by the time it was time to leave… and she had no help from either of the boys. 

We get home and they have some cream cake that we got from Morrison’s each as well .. Granddad goes home to sleep off his dinner and we sit… the boys are getting more and more bored now… we can’t swing a cat in the front room as all the stuff is in there from the hall way as we are waiting for Ambers bed to be delivered tomorrow.

Now they are throwing a ball up and down the stairs asking if Adam can come round… I decided the best way to cure this is to take them up the park so we get Jo and Adam and all go up King Georges… We Sit in the shade while the boys play and play and run around for a couple of hours… shame the little cafe is shut on a monday they would have made a killing today.. As it goes I took a bottle of Apple water so at least the kids had a drink. ..  It is hot and sunny out… Summer has officially started.

we get back making a quick stop on the way back at tesco express to get some scones and have some tea with scones and fresh jam and cream on them.   Allan hoses the dog down and he loves it… fingers crossed the hosepipe ban doesn’t come back on..  as the dog smells so much better.

End result is two very tired boys go to bed and fall asleep straight away the only downside of the day is Ali has cut his foot on the training cones for the football set when he was messing around with them in the garden.  I have cleaned it up and put a bandage on it as Ali hates plasters……… plus it’s actually quite a big cut…

Fingers crossed that is the only Owie we have in the summer!

Day two of the holidays

For some reason I decided today that I would sell the fish tank in the back bedroom instead of putting it on the freebie group.  bearing in mind it was buried behind all the exercise equipment junk etc.  Anyway no sooner had I posted it then someone said they wanted it…  straight away… holy crap… panic time… Allan was going out bowls and the guy wanted to come round and get it but couldn’t get it downstairs on his own.. so thinking that was that I left it, next thing I know is I get a message on face book saying that  he had found someone to come and help him pick it up… so I run around like a mad man and get the room cleared so they could get it out..
They turned up and got it and I am £60 better off , at least I have some spending money to take away with us now.  I was starting to panic that I wouldn’t have a penny. Anyway one week and 4 days to go and we will be away..
The new bed I ordered for Amber is being delivered on Tuesday so at least there is a place to store it while we get the room ready.. Hopefully she will be in there before we go away.  We will get this house sorted one way or another lol

I have also put the little bike I bought for Alex for sale.  now if i could sell that it would really help out..

You think things cant be that bad in the back room well this is the picture of how it was this morning ok the clothes and towels around are Ambers as there was nowhere else to put them and she had just emptied the dryer.

but as you can see this room is seriously cluttered.. ok a lot of it was exercise equipment but Allan has also put other bits in there like fan’s and stuff . the fish tank is right at the back against the wall.. buried lol

here it is once I have put some bits up the loft and other bits put away.

The guy loved it and happily took the tank and stand away… Now I have a clear space for the new bed to stand while we get the tools in the cupboard.. exercise equipment moved and tumble dryer out the way so we can fix the bed together… hopefully Friday is the day when we can start putting it up…
cutting it close though before we go away..

The Summer Holidays are here!

Day 1 of the summer holidays and guess who came out of hiding… what a lovely day we have had.

Less than two weeks now before we go away for our holiday and I have to admit I cant wait I am really looking forward to it.. Just to get away from the house as its been a long time coming.

This week is going to be a nightmare.. trying to find time to do everything.. I need to get the back room cleared. and I mean cleared… I have the new bed and mattress arriving on Tuesday  I need to pick up the wardrobes from Jo.. and the room is still a junk room.  Its not helping that tomorrow  (Sunday) Allan is bowls… monday I am out shopping for some bits in Canterbury and oh guess what.. yes the bed comes Tuesday… so guess who it is going to be running around clearing the room tomorrow.   Maybe we can get a little done tonight but I’m not holding my breath.

by the end of the week that room needs to become a bedroom… that’s hopefully after we have found a new home for the huge fish tank that is in there… well whoever has it will have to be able to carry it down stairs .

In the meantime its a lovely evening.. its been hot and sunny all day… one of the nicest days so far of the non-existent summer we have had and guess what mug was indoors most of the day cooking a roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings because Allan is out tomorrow.