Airport Boris Island… yes personally I think its going to be over laysdown way.

Not my usual kind of posting I know but bear with me

Boris wants UK’s biggest airport built off Sheppey

Monday, 10 November 2008 at 14:04

A new 24-hour airport could be built off the coast of Sheppey to replace Heathrow, according to plans by London Mayor Boris Johnson, Yourswale reports.

The proposal would see an artificial island created about two miles off the coast of Sheerness with capacity for up to six runways, with connections to both London and the Continent via the high-speed Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

It would be linked to the mainland via a railway bridge with ferry terminals to both Kent and Essex.

The scheme, loosely based on Hong Kong’s international airport, could take just six years to build and replace Heathrow as London’s main air transport hub, described by the mayor as “a planning error of the 1960s”.

Kit Malthouse, deputy mayor who is overseeing the project, told a national newspaper it would be “madness” to expand any of London’s existing airports when there is a solution elsewhere.

He said: “We’re not proposing to switch the lights on at the new airport and switch the lights off at Heathrow, firing everyone overnight. This would be a phasing from one airport to the other. Over the space of three or four years those [workers] that wanted to could migrate.

“You would have no problem with expansion or noise. You could run a 24-hour airport.”

Mayor Johnson said: “If you look at what is going on in other countries around the world –in Hong Kong, in Washington – it’s not impossible to move the capital’s biggest airport.”

The planned location of the island in the Thames Estuary, which is only ten to 13 feet deep, is close to the wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery which sank in 1944 with about 1,500 tonnes of explosives still on board.

The idea of an airport in the Thames has been discussed for about the last 40 years but this is the most specific proposal to date.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg today said he is opposed airport expansion being including in the Thames Gateway project.

Swale council chiefs and councillors were due to discuss the proposal at a meeting this morning (Monday).


personally I think its going to be built just off Leysdown.. on what used to be the old nudist beach Shellness… I would even go as far as to say  the hangers will be where the first   British aerodrome in the country was ever built

why else would have they built a new bridge to give access to the island… if it was on an island i cant see that happening.
why else would they be doing up Sittingbourne and the island…
why else would they be building 1000’s and 1000’s of houses
why else would they be building more supermarkets.
because of the amount of people who will want to live near an airport………..

Of course I could be wrong……….

Now bearing in mind I actually have a flying phobia now after year and years of flying millions of miles..
I would still be happy to see an airport built..

why because its going to take years to build and by the time the boys are looking for jobs..  Hopefully there will be more employment created one way or another in the area
because this town is dying on its feet and the high street needs regenerating and from the plans it looks great.
Because they have done up the old creek and turned it into a local country park
Because I have double glazed windows and wont hear them much 🙄

Seriously this can only be a good thing for the area if it happens…  those against it because of the wildlife………..  there is a wildlife conservation area on the way into the island and on the isle of grain  personally I think the wildlife will be safe…..

let’s think about the human benefits for a change…

Sittingbourne regeneration artist impression

A computer generated image of how Sittingbourne town centre may look under Tesco’s plans

GRAND PLANS: Tesco’s proposed new entrance to The Forum, seen from St Michael’s Road, looking towards the United Reformed Church in the High Street



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