The Holidays are nearly upon us……….At Last!

Today I have rejoiced in the fact that i wont be making any more packed lunches until September because I am collecting kids early tomorrow to take them to go and see the Olympic flame come through Faversham and they are having a school dinner Friday.


This really has been a long school term one way or another… So many things going on


We had Ali’s Birthday on July 1st when we went to his favourite place to see the steam trains, as it goes there was a teddy bear hunt on that day as well so he loved it
I actually feel guilty because Allan has said I would bake 40 odd cupcakes for the bowls do at the bowls club which was going to be on the saturday but they changed it to sunday which was Ali’s birthday so by Saturday evening I had made so many cup cakes and decorated them that I couldn’t be bothered to make a birthday cake for Ali’s Birthday so I bought one… it was horrible .. Never again from now on I will always make the kids cakes.

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The boys have had so much going on with the school and cubs and beavers…


Alex went to cub camp last weekend and it poured down but despite being soaked through he loved every second of it.


I seem to have gained a lodger… Allan’s step daughter.. Amberleigh (his ex wives daughter that he took on as his years ago when he married her) who has been living with her boy friend sent a text this morning saying can she stay with us and bring all her stuff… we of course said yes… within an hour or so she was here… kinda a relief really as she was only 19 in march and she was living with a 34 yr old drug addict who is on meths but still deals, :-/ and lived at home with his mum and dad.. if we had said we didn’t like him then of course would have pushed here closer to him so we kept quiet and waited.. looks like it was worth the wait.. in the mean time need to get the back room cleared now and a new bed for her.. at the moment she will have to put up with the sofa


I’m not getting rid of everything this time as I don’t want it to be like when Tamara decided to move in, we got rid of all the stuff in there and then she left…

So all the exercise equipment is going up in the loft.. We are getting an ottoman bed that has loads of storage inside for all the fishing gear etc and she will have to put up with the tumble dryer staying in there and the boys big train track board. I was going to get a sofa bed but think a storage bed is best in case we ever need another bed if she does leave.


I never seem to have five mins to myself lately I am either out with some friends.. we have a weekly coffee morning, plus I am still working on de-cluttering slowly.


Roll on the summer holidays.. I have a lot of stuff planned but it will be nice just to sit back and think today we don’t have to do anything!


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