School Sports Day

As the Summer of Sport is well and truly upon us… this time of the year in particular is every mum’s nightmare…. School Sports Day!

Thankfully the boys school doesn’t do the dreaded parent race any more.. So we can sit back.. or walk around as the case may be and enjoy it.

Ali’s was first… Bless him  they do a little activity and then move onto the next one… he came second to last in all but two… In those two he came second and third…
this is where the difference between the infants and the juniors of the school really shows.. You see the infants were all given a medal ( A special tribute Olympic one with the schools name on as well )

but nothing for coming 1st 2nd or 3rd… all that happened is the winners went to the table and gave a ticket in so the house got its points.. (Ali is in the red house the same as Alex)

Ali with his medal that every kid in the school got lol

Then of course you have the Juniors sports day… Now this is getting competitive… And that’s just the parents…….

Because of Alex hurting his elbow not long ago they only entered him in two races… one was the hockey dribble   (He came 4th) and the other one was skipping  and he came second..

And the winners had a podium… with bronze , silver and gold medals,  It will be interesting to find out next year if this is going to carry on or if it was a one-off for the Olympic Year…


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