The Olympic Torch is here and we saw it!

The Olympic torch is doing the rounds in Kent

 Margate Thursday 19 July, 12:22 start

Westgate-on-Sea Thursday 19 July, 13:03 start

Birchington-on-Sea Thursday 19 July, 14:36 start

Upstreet Thursday 19 July, 15:03 start

Canterbury Thursday 19 July, 15:34 start

Thanington Thursday 19 July, 16:37 start

Faversham Thursday 19 July, 16:52 start

Challock Thursday 19 July, 17:51 start

Harrietsham Thursday 19 July, 18:19 start

Maidstone is friday morning


So we took the boys out of school at 12 just before lunch and we quickly went home and fed them before making our way by car to Faversham which is the closest place to us..

Why so early when it didn’t start until 16.52? well they were shutting the roads up early and when I called to find out how much it would cost by train bearing in mind its only 6 miles up the road I found out that for two adults and two children using my discount card it would still cost over £15… No wonder people use cars.


The school was more than happy for me to take the boys out early, especially as it was for a badge to do with the beavers and cubs. Any way here are some pics I managed to take as you can imagine it was packed.

I have to say though we are exhausted.. it was a really long day, we got over there and parked at the local high school which was on the main road and then walked down to meet the beavers and cubs leaders but because there were so many there we kinda split up to watch the torch go past.. (but at least they will get their Olympic badge out of it lol ) All in All we were in Faversham waiting around about 5 hours so by the time it had gone past… and I mean gone past as he ran by us like the clappers.. the boys were ready to go home , feed and go to bed.

It’s Finally coming

Walking through the town

Ali Waiting

Alex Waiting

running the last leg before he left Faversham


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