The Summer Holidays are here!

Day 1 of the summer holidays and guess who came out of hiding… what a lovely day we have had.

Less than two weeks now before we go away for our holiday and I have to admit I cant wait I am really looking forward to it.. Just to get away from the house as its been a long time coming.

This week is going to be a nightmare.. trying to find time to do everything.. I need to get the back room cleared. and I mean cleared… I have the new bed and mattress arriving on Tuesday  I need to pick up the wardrobes from Jo.. and the room is still a junk room.  Its not helping that tomorrow  (Sunday) Allan is bowls… monday I am out shopping for some bits in Canterbury and oh guess what.. yes the bed comes Tuesday… so guess who it is going to be running around clearing the room tomorrow.   Maybe we can get a little done tonight but I’m not holding my breath.

by the end of the week that room needs to become a bedroom… that’s hopefully after we have found a new home for the huge fish tank that is in there… well whoever has it will have to be able to carry it down stairs .

In the meantime its a lovely evening.. its been hot and sunny all day… one of the nicest days so far of the non-existent summer we have had and guess what mug was indoors most of the day cooking a roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings because Allan is out tomorrow.


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