Day two of the holidays

For some reason I decided today that I would sell the fish tank in the back bedroom instead of putting it on the freebie group.  bearing in mind it was buried behind all the exercise equipment junk etc.  Anyway no sooner had I posted it then someone said they wanted it…  straight away… holy crap… panic time… Allan was going out bowls and the guy wanted to come round and get it but couldn’t get it downstairs on his own.. so thinking that was that I left it, next thing I know is I get a message on face book saying that  he had found someone to come and help him pick it up… so I run around like a mad man and get the room cleared so they could get it out..
They turned up and got it and I am £60 better off , at least I have some spending money to take away with us now.  I was starting to panic that I wouldn’t have a penny. Anyway one week and 4 days to go and we will be away..
The new bed I ordered for Amber is being delivered on Tuesday so at least there is a place to store it while we get the room ready.. Hopefully she will be in there before we go away.  We will get this house sorted one way or another lol

I have also put the little bike I bought for Alex for sale.  now if i could sell that it would really help out..

You think things cant be that bad in the back room well this is the picture of how it was this morning ok the clothes and towels around are Ambers as there was nowhere else to put them and she had just emptied the dryer.

but as you can see this room is seriously cluttered.. ok a lot of it was exercise equipment but Allan has also put other bits in there like fan’s and stuff . the fish tank is right at the back against the wall.. buried lol

here it is once I have put some bits up the loft and other bits put away.

The guy loved it and happily took the tank and stand away… Now I have a clear space for the new bed to stand while we get the tools in the cupboard.. exercise equipment moved and tumble dryer out the way so we can fix the bed together… hopefully Friday is the day when we can start putting it up…
cutting it close though before we go away..


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