Hello… My house and I dont even have any where to sit………..

why I haven’t updated for a while…

Being able to get on the pc is a big reason!
  Since Amber moved in no one seems to get on the pc’s except her and the boys … No seriously we have three pc’s set up in the front room, she has taken over the one by the sofa which is the one Allan usually uses and Alex and Ali argue over who has mine  and the one on the table… Now usually they use the one on the table in the day when i am on this one and maybe Alex will use Allan’s if Ali is on this one.   Now Amber uses Allan’s and the boys are on the other two.. I don’t see to get a look in… It’s a bit like first thing in the morning, we come downstairs and she has taken over the sofa with her bum and other bits like phones etc… Allan’s will sit on the two-seater with his legs up and Ali is on the is pc from the second he gets up which leaves the wooden dinning chairs.. guess who seems to always get stuck with that.  And if my dad comes round well that’s it he takes over the sofa just sitting on it… and both Allan and I are on wooden dining chairs. I think when it comes to a new suite time when these are on their last legs and Amber is still with us I may be tempted to go back to the three seater and two arm chairs again. at least 4 people can sit in comfort then if you include the computer chair. maybe more if there is room for more than one person on the three seater sofa. 
I can’t wait until she is up in the bedroom and we have our front room back. Roll on Christmas when hopefully we can get her , her own laptop or pc and I will be able to have mine back.
even the dog is struggling to find somewhere to lie down lol the sooner we get this house sorted the better.


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