Day 9 and the boys are still alive however the house is suffering!

Well we have found things to do with the kids so far..

We did have a bit of a disappointment for Ali , we planed to take the boys to Chatham historic dockyard again as there was a Meet and greet Peppa Pig and George event on at the dockyard.
Peppa Pig is the only thing Ali has ever shown an interest about really, its the only thing he watched on tv with any enthusiasm its his comfort thing.. when ever he isnt well or not right then thats when he wants to watch PP I know he is growing out of it now but hey he may be the size of a 10 yr old but he is only just 6 and for once we thought we would treat him.


but we queued for ages and by the time we got in it was full and over booked to actually meet peppa so we went around the police museum bit and did the rope making and other bits..  this is the third or 4th time we have been there so there is always lots to see… oh and the boys both got to lay a piece of track to help break the world record for the worlds longest bit of track which they loved.. they got a certificate for that, which really impressed Alex.. His home learning project for the summer holidays from the school is to make a memory box and fill it with loads of bits he has done in the holidays so he now has his rope he made and of course the certificate for the world’s record.. alone with other bits.  Thankfully Ali is old enough to understand that it was really busy.. being in the que for so long we got a chance to explain to him so he didn’t go into meltdown which is what I was dreading when they told us all the meet and greet tickets had gone by 11am in the morning .




We also went to the Summer fun day for Mid Kent which was organised and again they had a great time lazer tagging and face paints. etc cream tea’s and a space show which Alex loved. it’s a shame you couldn’t take pictures inside the space down as it was fantastic it was all around us, the stars etc of course if I had taken a picture the flash would mean you wouldn’t see the starts projected above.

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