Water Zorbing… I so wish I wasnt so fat lol

Ok this was so great it deserves a post all on its own… After the disappointment of not seeing Peppa Pig we said the boys could have a go at the water balls,

Such a shame that you can only go in them up to 15 stone… hey of course that counts me out… Actually it was funny because  there was a young guy about 20ish in front of us in the queue and when it got to his turn he got in the ball and lasted about 3 mins before he was shouting for them to get him out… he was exhausted lol    The boys loved it.. the only thing that worried me a little was that Ali had to take his glasses off but then the lady did point out that he was in a bubble… no way could he hurt himself and I thought yep she is right… DOH!

the charge was actually quite good… it was £3 for five mins but as it was the end of the day as the boys were last  she let them stay on them for a good 10 to 15 mins… apart from being hot they were fine… Ali didn’t even need his asthma pump which surprised me as i thought he may need it.

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