On My Way to the Loony Bin!! We NEED “US” time

I haven’t had the energy to do anything but argue with the kids at bedtime
My kids are driving me F**cking CRAZY!!!!! I sit on the sofa drooling, staring at nothing and every few minutes scream – “Go to BED!!!

I hate this time of year. its light outside and of course the kids are on holiday so no school the next day so In their mind there is no need to go to bed..

Ali isn’t too bad yes he is going to bed later but he will go when told… it’s a kinda ritual,. take his glasses off him. tell him to go to the loo… kisses all round and bed… off he goes and that’s usually it he is gone within half an hour…

Alex is another matter… no matter how tired he is that kid will not go to f**cking bed…

from when we tell him its bedtime.. and I am talking about 9.30pm onwards to about 11pm its.. when i have finished this.. or he has the headphones on and is watching something on you tube. then he will go up, and be back down, and up and down…. seriously there is no adult time left in the evening..

and then of course now we have Amber with us… there is no such thing as bed time for a nearly 20 yr old…

privacy has now gone… the ah bliss feeling the kids are all tucked up and we can now have some “Us” time has left the building 😦  I am sitting here wondering what other people do just to have some comfort evening time.. where you can sit and watch tv and have a cup of tea in peace.. without having to go to bed yourself.   I think once we have the room sorted Amber can have a pc or something and a Tv up there and maybe we will have some house rules…  we need some peace lol
It’s going to be a nightmare when we go away on holiday… I can see it now… Adam and the boys will want to be up all night. Allan would be pulling his hair out if if had any…   we will have to wait and see.


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