“I’m Melting . . . . I’m Melting . . . . I’m too fat for this weather”


ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!! When it’s too hot to take the boys out of the house to go and play in the park in the middle of the day . . . . You know its hot… come on this is Kent we are used to the heat. hell it was 101 degree’s the summer I was pregnant with Alex… we are used to the sun, but the humidity its never been this bad. It can be overcast outside but still hot, muggy and humid..  the other day I was cooking a roast dinner.. (yes more fool me) and I was melting. ok I know if I lost a whole load of weight I would be more conformable and the diet has gone for a Burton at the moment.. will blog about that another time but even the kids are hot, sweaty and irritable.

I know we have had a rubbish summer really, a few nice days before the Easter holidays and then rain… and I mean rain, Seriously as soon as they brought in the hosepipe ban because of the drought.. it has poured down there have been floods everywhere, thankfully none near us… but rain has stopped a lot of play.

anyway, the day after the kids broke up from school for the summer holidays the sun came out.. ok we have had rain here and there but its been hot and humid… we went to chatham dockyard and the next day to a fun day and despite me smothering the kids in sunblock and myself I am the one who got burned… they are fine… I am still agony or itching like made… and the weather is still hot and humid… its too hot at the moment to take the kids out to the park in the day time. I don’t want them getting heatstroke so we are taking them out early evening time when it has cooled down.

we have the ceiling fan going constantly in the front room and the smaller fans going on in the bedrooms.. so sleep which is not one of the things I am really good at even at the best of times is getting harder and harder… I will wake up too hot… turn the fan on… wake up an hour later.. too cold or the noise is driving me mad and turn it off.. and this seems to go on until about 6am then I can sleep.

I cant wait until we go on holiday and get some fresh sea air.. and you know what the forecast is for while we are away hot but with …. yep bloody rain..


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