4 weeks left of the summer holidays wow time is flying fast.

Really Fast, We have been away and come back, Earlier than planned but in a way its a blessing in disguise,   I don’t know how many more late nights the boys could have lasted as they were both exhausted.
The weather was fantastic.. we got caught in one five min rain shower…

ok torrential rain shower where we got soaked through but once we had nipped in the chippy, had something to eat and then gone to the amusement park we soon dried off..

The boys loved every second of their mini holiday from the moment we got there to the trip home where they fell asleep exhausted in the car…..

surprisingly they loved the sooty and sweep show… of course they loved the big space show… (the geeky side of them) and the circus….  went swimming every day which we have had to promise to carry on at least once a week. as well as loads of other stuff…

When we got home we got the wardrobes over from Jo’s that I had bought off her,  one for our room and one for Ambers, 
and then discovered that our one didn’t fit in our room so we moved a chest of draws into ambers room and a book case……  the other book case ended up on the top landing.
we still have loads of books to stack on the shelves.. and of course all the cook books.  but hey we will get this house sorted one day.  Yes he is even a hoarder of books… thankfully he has agreed that I can get rid of some.

Anyway my peace had been disturbed as Alex has now woken up…

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