Good Friends Good Coffee Good Life.


What happens when you put friends, Especially when you haven’t seen them for 5 weeks and who usually only have time to catch up on facebook together.

A four hour Chat-Fest Thats what.

I haven’t had a good chat with Mary for quite a while, we do get together on our own as well as the usual coffee met ups.

But with the boys being on summer holidays I haven’t had a chance to do the ladies that coffee at all. When we got back from holiday was when Mary went away camping on her summer break… Then disaster struck… she got ill and I mean ill… they had a ready cooked chicken from Tesco’s close to their camp site and all got the trots and sickness… Mary who had eaten the most chicken got it the worst……. Now bearing in mind they came home early from holiday because of everyone being ill and I knew this from the moment she got back as she let me know, its the first time she was up to someone coming to see her and its over a week and a half later.. When I saw her today she looked terrible… I could see how ill she had been see how much weight she had lost… and what really peeves me off the most is that none of her other so called friends had even asked how she is.


you really do find out who your friends are in times of sickness I just feel bad for Mary I really do… I love my boys to bits but I have to say I am looking forward to when they go back to school so we can resume our regular coffee meet ups where we can put the world to rights .



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