In Memory of Michael Another year passes.

My Baby boy would have been 28 today 😦

Never forgotten and Always Missed.

Hello old friend, Oh yes you know

I lost my child a while ago.

No, no please, don’t look away

And change the subject, It’s ok.

You see at first I couldn’t feel,

It took so long, but now it’s real.

I hurt so much inside you see

I need to talk, come sit with me?

You see, I was numb for so very long,

And people said, “My, she is so strong.”

They did not know I couldn’t feel,

My broken heart made all unreal.

But then one day, as I awoke

I clutched my chest, began to choke,

Such a scream, such a wail,

Broke from me.. My child! My child!

The horror of reality.

But everyone has moved on, you see,

Everyone except for me.

Now, when I need friends most of all,

Between us there now stands a wall.

My pain is more than they can bear,

When I mention my child,

I see their blank stare.

“But I thought you were over it,”

Their eyes seem to say–

No, no, I can’t listen to this, not today.

So I smile and pretend, and say, “Oh, I’m ok”.

But inside I am crying, as I turn away.

And so my old friend, I shall paint on a smile,

As I have from the start,

You never knowing all the while,

All I’ve just said to you in my heart.


My Mum, she tells lies

She never did before.

From now until she dies,

she’ll tell a whole lot more.

Ask my Mum how she is,

And because she can’t explain,

She will tell a little lie–

She can’t describe the pain.

Ask my Mum how she is,

She’ll say “I am all right.”

If that’s the truth, then tell me

Why does she cry every night?

Ask my Mum how she is,

She seems to cope so well.

She didn’t have a choice, you see,

Nor had the strength to yell.

Ask my Mum how she is,

“I’m fine; I’m well; I’m coping.”

For God’s sake Mum, tell the truth,

Just say your heart is broken.

She’ll love me all her life–

I loved her all of mine.

But if you ask her how she is,

She’ll lie and say she’s fine.

Here I am in Heaven,

I cannot hug from here.

If she lies to you, don’t listen;

Hug her, and hold her near.

On the day we meet again,

We’ll smile, and I’ll be bold,

I’ll say, “You’re lucky to get in here, Mum,

With all the lies you’ve told!”


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